Race for Kids: Our Teams!

The teams from St. Alban’s are getting ready to Race for Kids on June 6th!  Race for Kids is an urban adventure race where teams of four solve clues, find checkpoints, complete challenges and race to the finish line.  Funds raised help to support St. Alban’s and the other Boys and Girls Clubs in Toronto in providing programs and services to over 28,000 kids and youth each year.

Race for Kids Toronto

When your team registers for Race for Kids, you can select the Club you are affiliated with.  If you select St. Alban’s, that means all the money you raise, will come directly to YOUR club!  (If no club is selected, the funds are dispersed to all the Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto.)

Here are just a few of the teams racing for St. Alban’s – with team members you might know!  If you can’t race on June 6th, please consider donating to one of these teams – I know they would appreciated your support!

Team FosterTeam Foster – Slower Than Last Year!  Good thing Chris Foster can RUN a Boys and Girls Club a lot better than he can RUN around the city!   He’s the big boss, the Executive Director of St. Alban’s and he and his family race every year, despite the fact that they are not eligible to win the grand prize (WestJet tickets for two for each member of the winning team!)  Says Chris of the event, “it’s a great day to spend with the family. We all have a great time at Race for Kids, and spend a lot of time laughing together. The fact that we are also raising money for my favourite cause is an added bonus!”

Graeme#SABGC – Your favourite youth services leaders and mine, Graeme, Jada, Natasha and Daniel are racing this year for the FIRST TIME!  These guys and girls have a real competitive edge to them – it probably comes from all those years of leading basketball, floor hockey, volleyball and soccer programs!   Actually, even their video game tournaments end up being pretty heated. Since they are all from the same department, RFK will be a great chance to strengthen team bonds! Other local businesses (Insomnia, GAP, JCC) get involved with RFK too, not only to support St. Alban’s, but to have a great team building experience!

Loafin' & Coastin'Team Loafin’ & Coastin’ Combined, Anna, Ikram, Megan and Jane, have worked for and supported St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club for over 45 years!  Although there are a couple runners on this team, they have STRATEGY on their side!  They have all the twists, turns, secrets and tricks of the event all figured out…or do they?    With their problem solving skills, they are fairly certain that they will cross the finish line in the top 10, without even breaking a sweat!

picture_281_2-1Team Helen Lovejoy Do you know who Helen Lovejoy is?  Well, now I do too!  Nicholas, (preschool staff member) and his friends are racing again to support St. Alban’s!  When asked why he’s racing, Nicholas said that, besides raising money for the Club, he LOVES doing all the activities!  He said, “sometimes at work, I get jealous of the great stuff the kids get to do all day! Teachers plan, set up, and clean up all the activities for the kids.  At Race for Kids, someone else does all that, so my friends and I can enjoy the day and have fun! It really is like being a kid again.”

To find out more about Race for Kids or search for more teams, click here!


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