Crafts To Do at Home with Your Kids


by Felicia Speranza
STARS after school program staff, McMurrich P.S. location

Here at the Club, arts and crafts time is when kids can express themselves creatively. We try to teach kids that there is no “right or wrong” in art – every person’s creation is unique!

We have found that the process of arts and crafts is just as important as the finished result – maybe even more important.  After a long day at school, it’s helpful for kids to relax, have some fun, and exercise the other side of their brain.

Here are three art activities you can do at home with your kids.  The age ranges are only suggestions – you know your child best – and most activities can be adapted to suit kids of different ability levels.

The first two projects are suitable for indoors – great for a cold weather day.

Coffee Filter Water Colour:

Ages 2-7

This craft is great for young children and is really easy to do.

You will need:Coffee filter water colour

  • Coffee filters
  • a paint brush
  • washable markers
  • a smooth surface

Prepare your working area with a small cup of water and the coffee filter paper in front of you. Next, draw/colour a design with the washable markers on to the paper. (Don’t put too much detail into it.) Next step is to get your brush and dip it into the water then go over your coffee filter. What you should be seeing is where you painted turning into a water colour masterpiece, you can paint all over it or paint it very neatly. Both effects are beautiful and something fun for children to do. When it’s dried it will look almost like a stained glass art piece if put up near the window. When I normally do this activity, the children start to experiment with different colours and different designs, each one turning out different from the rest.  Coffee filter water colour

Melty Beads:

Age 8-13

Melty beadsThis craft activity requires some patience and determination to complete but the end result is worth it.

You will need:

The idea of it is to put the beads on the tray to create a design. It could be as simple as a heart or as complicated as designing Captain America. Once you’re done with your design, put wax paper over it and melt the beads with the iron. This should only take a few minutes. Let your design cool for a minute then remove the melty beads from the tray.

Space painting

Age 14+

Space paintingThis art activity requires special supervision and should be done outside.

You will need:

  • 4 or more spray paints (2 of which should be black and white)
  • Bristol boards
  • crumpled up newspaper
  • gloves
  • pie trays, or any other circular object and newspaper to put under the Bristol board

Start with choosing an area on the board and paint it with the first layer of paint. Next, paint a second layer on the small area. Before it dries, put a piece of crumbled up newspaper on top of it and with your hand you create the movement of making strokes (This will give you a nice texture effect). Remove the paper and then put the circular object on top and keep it DSCF2187.jpgon there. Repeat this process for as many planets as you want. (2-3 normally work best depending on the size of paper.) Keep the trays on top of the areas you first painted. Go over the entire page with black spray paint, this will create our background. Once you’re done with that, spray white paint into your glove and sprinkle it on to create the stars.  Let it dry and there you go – your masterpiece!

Picture of Reveal your planets

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