Cradle, Cradle: A Poem by Amaal Hassan

Amaalby Amaal Hassan
Age 11
Member, 121 Humber Blvd after school program location
Boys and Girls Clubs of Weston-Mount Dennis


Cradle, cradle
She rocked to sleep.
Her mother loves her so much
Her mother can’t sleep.
Cry, cry
It’s all right
Mom will be with you
all night.
Cough, cough
baby’s sick.
Here’s a doggy
Lick, lick.
Bullies, bullies
They are mean.
Let me handle this,
Please, oh please.
Dolls, dolls
No, no more
Why hon?  You’re not
young no more.
Crush, crush,
Kissin’ on the bus.
You’re only a teen, why so mean?
Text, text
L-O-L, O-M-G and it’s always
me, me, me.
Cry, cry,
Break up time?
He’s only a jerk
Just do your homework.
Ring, ring,
Wedding ring.
I am so proud
That’s your perfect king!
Baby, baby
He is born.
Let’s celebrate
with a barbecue and corn!
Sick, sick
mother’s sick.
I hate you cancer!
I need an answer!
Pass, pass,
she was too sick.
She passed away
I had to pick.
Cradle, cradle
I will never forget your
cradle, cradle.

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