St. Alban’s Youth on their Experiences at the Club

Guest writers to our blog this week – Gianmichele, Kayla, Avery, and Tandis write about what St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club means to them.

bloggmI started St. Alban’s in 2013. I was in grade 7 and my friend from elementary school re-introduced me to Alban’s. I used to go in my preschool days but then I stopped. When I continued I got to know everybody, my counsellors were always so supportive and it was a huge honour to spend my after school hours with them! After that, I started getting into everything from acting classes to youth council to volleyball. Almost everyday after program. I had something to look forward to. Monday- cooking and youth council. Wednesday – acting. Thursday – volleyball. To make a long story short, the diversity in programs that the Club provided for me was too much to ever ask for. For a very low price, I was able to be entertained and learn all in one! Recently, the Club took me to Whitehorse, Yukon with 10 others on a youth exchange! A snow boarding program that teaches life skills and self esteem through snow boarding, CHILL, took me to Vail, Colorado free of charge to be the ambassador of Toronto for the CHILL Foundation. I have won Youth of the Year including $1000 towards post secondary education! I’ve been to two youth conferences on a private camp site associated with the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, which inspired me to be a part of the Provincial Youth Council (PYC). Last year I was nominated by St. Alban’s to represent our Club on the PYC. Now we’re working on another conference for young entrepreneurs. I have many, many more experiences and stories to share that would take me a few hours to tell you. St. Alban’s changed my life for the better and I can’t thank everyone enough for everything I’ve accomplished at St. Alban’s in the last 3 years of my life!

blogkaylaWhen I was 10, I began going to St. Alban’s, but my first day was summer camp and I was extremely nervous since I knew absolutely no one besides my sister. I was shy and didn’t talk to anyone but ever since my first day, St. Alban’s has helped me grow out of that and evolve into a new person, a new me. I have participated in many youth programs such as the running club, Real to Reel, the dance program, Sisterhood/Girls on the Move and the youth exchange. Now that I am older, I work at St. Alban’s as a staff and have been working here for 3 years. St. Albans is truly a great place to be because it brings together great people and I am so glad that I can be a part of that group.

blogaveryI came to St. Alban’s in grade 10, just looking for a place to hang out after school. I got more that just a hang out spot; I got some new friends who are now my co-workers because I also got a job here. I have gotten so many incredible opportunities and experiences such as being a part of youth council, a part of our dance club, our acting club, Real to Reel, snowboarding club, Roger Raising the Grade, and getting awarded male youth of the year. I am so thankful for every opportunity St. Alban’s has offered me, which I will never forget. I would not be where I am today without this great place to be!

tanI’ve been a member at St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club for over 11 years. I first started out in the STARS program and now I am a youth. The biggest impact the club has had on me is how they’ve always encouraged me to get involved in many interesting things that have been going on at the Club. For example, in August I signed up to be a volunteer in Kinder Camp and the experience taught me how to work with kids. One of my favourite former staff is Nykeem Provo. I was in Nykeem’s group for summer camp. One of my favourite memories from being in his group was all the fun field trips we’ve been on like we went to Ontario Place and I remember having an embarrassing experience with the bumper boats.

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