When the Beat Drops Music Program


By An’Jrue Essien (Studio Technician) & Tamika Ford (Youth Program Coordinator)

When the beat drops is a music mentorship program created in order to assist young people from disadvantaged, and marginalized communities. It serves youth who want to enter into the music industry or further their formal musical knowledge. Our role at St. Alban’s Boys & Girls club is to help define and refine success in their own terms, from the raw talents of participants from the Jane and finch neighbourhood. 

WTBD offers is a two term 12 week music initiative with supportive team staff to facilitate a full recording studio, business and artist development, relative workshops with possible industry professionals, and an electronic press kit for participants who complete the entire program guideline.

“The studio has become a second home. I’ve perfected my writing and now I’m learning how to use the equipment correctly.” – A Jane and Youth Youth (Anonymous)

The lasting impact is for our youth to be held accountable in the highest respect musically, and pave the way for youth coming up after them to create a more diverse and skilled workforce in the cultural and creative music industry.

“I remember the first time I recorded in the studio. It took about 15 tries before I finally got the verse perfect. The staff encouraged me to keep trying even though I was frustrated with the process. But after the final playback, I was surprised with how good it sounded. I couldn’t believe it was me! I was listening to myself, it was such a weird feeling but it felt good to hear what I worked on and put together.” – A Jane and Finch Youth (Anonymous)


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