Connections: Kristen & Amaya

img_2528By Ikram Kabadeh
Children’s Program Coordinator

Building positive relationships is so important when working with children and youth, and St.Alban’s is just the place to create those relationships. Here is an example of  a caring and positive relationship between Kristen (ECE program staff) and Amaya (Senior Kindergarten student in Kristen’s group).

Q: Kristen, how long have you known Amaya?

Kristen: I have known Amaya since she was two and a half years old! I have been able to watch her grow from a shy and timid preschooler into an outgoing leader in my kindergarten class. It has been quite the awesome adventure, to say the least. 

Q: Amaya, what is your favourite activity to do with Kristen?

Amaya: I like when we play soccer together and when she reads me books. Oh, I also LOVE when she lets us play with toys even when we aren’t supposed to, and when she lets me bring books to the computer lab. She’s a fun teacher!

Q: Kristen, do you have a favourite memory with Amaya?

Kristen: There have been too many over the years! I think one thing that stands out in my mind would be from last year when Amaya was in Junior Kindergarten. At the beginning of the year, she struggled a lot when it was time to say goodbye at the end of my work day. So much so, that there were a good two weeks when I stayed much later after my shift to hang out with Amaya to help her get used to the after school program and ease the transition into electives. Time flies, because now she can’t wait to go and get rid of me! It’s amazing to see how much she has grown, I couldn’t be more proud.

Q: Amaya, what do you like most about Kristen?

Amaya: I think she is really, really nice. Like SO nice. And she always makes me laugh which is pretty funny. Like when she goes, “Bocky, bock bock!”– that makes me smile a lot. She always gives me big hugs and reads books with me and let’s me be the helper! And I’m a good helper.

Q: Kristen, what is your favourite thing about Amaya?

Kristen: EVERYTHING! Amaya is such an incredible asset to our classroom. She greets me with a smile everyday and always offers to help when I need it. She is incredible with her peers and demonstrates great leadership in the classroom. I love her passion for sports, especially soccer because I always have a partner in the gym to kick a ball around with (though she is getting too good she’ll be able to kick my butt in no time!). I love her enthusiasm to learn new things; she is always asking me questions and is always by my side when we want to research something new. Oh, and let’s not forget, I am grateful she FINALLY approved of my wedding. There was a good while when I didn’t have well wishes from Amaya to get married, because, you know, weddings are pretty gross.

Amaya: Yeah because you KISSED at your wedding! TWO WHOLE TIMES! Oh my gosh! ON THE LIPS even! But you had pretty flowers in your hair.

Kristen: So that makes everything okay, then?

Amaya: Yeah.

Kristen: You’re hilarious.

Amaya: You too.

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