An Inside Look at the Staff Connections in the Pelham Park Community

Bimage6y Dominique Brown
Administration and Children’s Coordinator of Weston-Mount Dennis & Lawrence Heights

Here in the Pelham Park Community, the “staff and member relationship” is like a big brother/sister relationship. Over the years, myself (Dominique) and Jassimene have been building rapport with the members that attend our programs, and that’s what makes the connection we share deep and special.Our participants feel at home when the come to our recreation centre. We cook and eat together, we sing and dance, we create art pieces, we do homework and school projects, and we talk about almost everything and anything that is going on or that interests our participants. Things like how their day went, what they did at school, what they might do or want to do for the weekend, what their future plans/goals may be, what their mood is right now and why? We’ve opened up to our members in away where they feel very comfortable talking to us about anything. I feel favoured when a child from our program chooses to speak to me about something that may be bothering them or something they feel that they can’t share with someone at home. 


We’ve also built rapport with the parents as well. The Pelham Park Community has only been a part of the Boys and Girl Club for a year now, but Jassimene and I have been running the program for years with a different organization, and the participants’ parents were very happy to know that we were the returning staff. The relationship we have with Pelham Park Boys and Girls Club is also very important to us and we’ll continue to build on it. We are here to help mold the children into future stars, and we love what we do.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”
African Proverb.

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