Where are they now? St. Alban’s Alumni: Dianne Calma

14233681_10157575944510413_1523813355_oBy Anja Moore-Heighington
Communication and Resource Development Coordinator

Here at St. Alban’s, we offer programs for children from ages 0 to 19, and this means that we have a lot of alumni who have grown up with St. Alban’s throughout their whole childhood! To showcase some of the amazing people who have been involved here at St. Alban’s, I have decided to reach out and interview a few alumni and feature them here on the blog. This is the first of a few “Where are they now?” blogs that will be published throughout this year, so look out for the next one coming this summer!

For this interview, I talked to Dianne, who is currently 23 and has been a part of the St. Alban’s family since she was 5.

  1. Can you introduce yourself?Dianne Calma for blog
    My name is Dianne Calma, I am 23 years old, currently working as a hockey instructor for the Canadian Pro Hockey Clinic. I graduated from the practical nursing program at George Brown College; before college, I went to Harbord for high school.
  2. How long were you/have you been involved at St. Alban’s? What programs did you participate in?
    I have been part of the St. Alban’s community since I immigrated to Canada from the Philippines when I was 5. At first, I did the after-school program, and then I participated in the summer camps. As time passed, I soon became actively involved, doing swimming lessons, the sports program, leadership camp, Girls on the Move, and as well as the first time Anna had the running club (Sole Sisters). 
  3. How did you did find these programs?
    These programs to me as a child were amazing, and looking back on it now, I have very fond memories of growing up at St. Alban’s. I am who I am today because of the great influence St. Alban’s has had on my life. They helped advance key traits that I didn’t know I had until I grew up, such as leadership. I would definitely recommend parents sign their children up to any of the programs they offer, as they are great and well led.
  4. Did you volunteer at St. Alban’s?
    I did volunteer at St. Alban’s; I had helped with potlucks as a child, as well as helping with the haunted house for about 2 years.
  5. What is your favourite memory from St. Alban’s?
    My favourite memory that stands out to me is the year the music studio first opened, which was during summer camp, and we all got to record something. I remember the girls in the group recorded a song called “Girls in Motion” solely based off the song from That’s so Raven, and we each got a physical copy of the CD, which made it seem so legit.
  6. Did being part of the St. Alban’s family impact you?
    I do believe that St. Alban’s had an impact on my life. As I have stated before, I am who I am today because of them. They played a big role in my life as a child, and I believe that I have grown a lot and matured a lot through St. Alban’s. I remember starting in the after school programs and not talking to anyone because I was very shy, and as time passed, I got more comfortable with everyone and became a non-stop chatterbox. Girls on the Move really impacted me because of the things they instilled in me so early on, such as girls can do anything boys can do. This sort of encouragement and education about women supporting women really made me into who I am today and has me encouraging girls out there to do the things they love, whether that is playing sports, or anything they feel passionate about.

Thank you so much for this interview, Dianne!

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