Why I Enjoy the Youth Program: 3 Testimonials from Youth

Blog PhotoBy Damali, Shanniah and La-shae
Youth Members

This blog showcases why youth love being involved in our Youth Programs! These three girls participate in the Youth Program run by the Boys and Girls Club of Weston-Mount Dennis (one of our communities) at York Humber High School.

Damali Clarke

I am proud to say that the programs at the Boys and Girls club have made me into the young lady that I am and am growing into today. Being a part of the Youth Program at Humber has boosted my confidence, which has allowed me to perform dances at places like “Spirit of Expression” at Bloor Collegiate and at Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre for the Black History event.


Shanniah Decaul

Being a part of Youth Program at Humber has done a lot for me.  The program has given me a lot of opportunities to experience new things, like the spoken word workshops we are doing right now with Urban Arts and performing dance at many places to showcase my skills. The program has helped me become more mature and I see the change in myself, and that’s why I like being here.


La-shae Jackson

I like the Youth Program because it brings the youth closer together. There’s time for us to talk and have fun with our  friends that we don’t go to the same school with. Youth Program also gives us opportunities to perform, such as dance, poetry,  and arts. Basically everything we do, we showcase it to our peers. I enjoy the activities that take place at Youth Program and that’s why I keep coming

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