Spring Time Activities for Kids!

ikram By Ikram 
Children’s Program Coordinator

Now that the weather is finally getting nice out, are you looking so something fun to do with the kids? Why not try some of these activities?

Obstacle Course
Instead of just taking the kids to the park and watching them play, why not make the park an obstacle course and play with them? For example, the course could be: you have to go down the slide, then to the swings to swing on your belly 5 times, then down the fireman pole. The first person back to the tree wins!
Your imagination is the limit! Have your kids make up the course as well. Not only will your kids have a lot of fun playing with you, you get your daily work out in too! 🙂

You can also play this game at the park or in a wooded area! Camouflage is game where one person is the seeker, or “It,” and the rest to hide from that person. “It” cannot move. To play, “It” closes their eyes and counts to 10 while everyone else scatters and hides behind trees, bushes, logs or whatever else they can find (but you must hide someplace where you can still see “It”). After 10 seconds, the person who is “It” opens their eyes and closely inspects her environment, not moving from her vantage point. If “It” thinks they see you, they describes how you look in your camouflaged environment, and if “It” is correct, you must come out and admit you’ve been found. If “It” cannot see anyone, then “It” closes eyes again and counts to 10. Everyone else then finds a new spot to hide. If you are the last person to remain camouflaged and undetected by “It,” you win and get to be “It” next round!

Heart-Sun-Catcher-7 Craft: Tissue Paper Sun Catcher
When it’s a rainy day, why not make a sun catcher: catch the sun for more sunny days! This website says to use an iron, but a hair blow dryer works great to and the little kids can do it themselves.

Popsicle-stick-Harmonica Craft: Popsicle Harmonicas
Start a family band with Popsicle harmonicas: Try making a Popsicle Harmonicas!

Snakes in the Grass
Need help cleaning the floor? Try snakes in the grass. Pick one person to be the snake. “snake” lays down in the middle of the playing area. All the other players than put one finger on the “snake’s” back, head or legs. When everyone is touching the snake, the snake yells “snakes in the grass” and everyone scatters.
The snake tries to tag the other players while on their tummy moving like a snake. The players have to run from one side of play area to the other without getting tagged. If the snake touches a player they become a snake as well.
The last person standing is the winner and the snake for the next round.
Note: snakes have to be on their tummies to tag someone, if they are not on tummies and tag someone it doesn’t count.

Another fun activity that younger kids love is I SEE. This activity is great getting kids calmed down and to focus on a certain task. Because you can start off with a high energy motion and finish with a low energy motion.

  1. It begins with the teacher saying: “I see!”
  2. The class responds, “What do you see?”
  3. The teacher responds, “I see bubbles floating in the air.”
  4. The students act out that idea until the teacher says, “I see.”
  5. All the students stop again and respond: “What do you see?”
  6. The game continues until the teacher (or student leader) suggests another idea.
  7. Here are some suggestions to get started. Of course you will choose movements that suit your students: “I see children hopping all around.” “I see my friends quietly putting away their materials.” “I see planes flying through the sky.”         “I see puppy dogs sleeping on the ground.” “I see cowboys riding horses.” “I see rockets zooming to the moon.” “I see my friends walking to our line spot.”  “I see bees buzzing around.”

Suggestions: 1. Try calling out movements that move from very slow to very fast and back to slow again until the end of the game. 2. By ending with a command similar to, “I see students walking quietly to their chairs,” you can easily end the game and help children move into the next activity.

Get outside, play with your kids and have fun! 🙂

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