AMA – Ask Me Anything Preschool Style!

DebbieBy Karen, Debbie and the Preschool Team

We asked some of the preschool children some questions, and they had some pretty great answers for us! Here are some of our favourite answers from some of the children!

(We’ve used initials to protect the identity of the children.)

  1. What’s your favourite book?
    “Dora” – KC, 3 yrs old
    “Moana” – EC, 4 yrs old
    “Star Wars” – WZ, 4 yrs old
    “Frozen” – HR, 4 yrs old
    “I like my Baa Baa Black Sheep book” – JH, 4 yrs old
    “The Cat in the Hat” – EK, 6 yrs
    “Pete the Cat” – JR, 5 yrs
    “Transformers” – NC, 5 yrs
    “Stuart Little” – AH, 4 yrs
    “Hiccup”- NS, 3 yrs
    “Robert Munch, PIGS.” – IL, 4 yrs
  1. What’s your favourite joke?
    “Knock, Knock”  who’s there? “Banana and Apple” banana and apple who? “Banana Apple Karen” – KC, 3yrs
    “What did the banana say to the doctor?” what? “He wasn’t peeling well!” – CB, 2 yrs old
    “Knock, Knock”  who’s there? “Butterfly” butterfly who? “Fly away” – AH, 4yrs
    “Do you think a lion can speak?” …..”No, because he roars! (laughing)”- JF, 4 yrs
  1. Do you like naps? Why?
    “Yes,I like to take a break.” – KC, 3 yrs old
    “Yes, I’m tired.” – CP, 5 yrs
    “Yes because I like to sleep.” – BL, 4 yrs old
    “Yes because it helps you stay alive” – JR, 5 yrs
  1. Who is your best friend? Why?
    “Leo, because he always bees nice.” BL, 4 yrs old
    “Elliot, because I always play with him.” NC, 5 yrs
    “Brown baby, it’s a doll” – AH, 4yrs
    “Frankie the blankie.” – IL, 4 yrs
  1. Who is the coolest person you know?
    “ME!” – KC, 3 yrs
    “My mommy” – EC, 4 yrs
    “My sister.” – JF, 4 yrs
    “Spencer, I don’t really know why he’s cool.” – EK, 6 yrs
    “Debbie and mommy!” – NS, 3 yrs
    “My mommy and my grandma because they took care of me for my whole life!” – JR, 5 yrs
    “Darth Vadar, I really do know him.” – IL, 4 yrs
  1. What do you want to do when you grow up?
    “When I grow up, I’m going to be an adult.” – JH, 4 yrs old
    “When I grow up, I want to be Darth Vadar.” – WZ, 4 yrs
    “A King!” – HR , 4 yrs old
    “A princess.” – EC, 4 yrs
    “When I grow up, I’m going to be Moana.” – KC, 3 yrs old
    “I want to be a skateboarder!” –  CP, 5 yrs
    “An old man” – EK, 6 yrs
    “ A guy who drives a skateboard with no steering wheel.” – BL, 4 yrs old
    “A pet store owner.”  – SB, 5 yrs
    “A school teacher” – AH, 4 yrs
    “Police man” – NS, 3 yrs
    “I want to catch robbers!” – JF, 4yrs
    “A mommy and a doctor.” – IL, 4 yrs
  1. What is your favourite thing to learn or do at St. Alban’s?
    “Writing” – KC, 3 yrs
    “Play!” – JH, 4 yrs
    “Write with my hands.” – WZ, 4 yrs
    “How to Skateboard.” – CP, 5 yrs
    “Science time!” – AH, 4 yrs
    “Songs and science experiments” – NS, 3yrs
  1. What would you do if you could do anything?
    “Make beautiful birthday designs”- AH, 4yrs
    “Make great pictures” – JF, 4 yrs
    “See a rainbow at night time.” – IL, 4 yrs
  1. What’s the biggest thing in the world?
    “A baby” – KC, 3 yrs
    “Mountains.” – JH, 4yrs
    “A big snack.” – HR, 4 yrs
    “The CN Tower!” – WZ, 4yrs
    “Earth” – BL, 4 yrs
    “The world”,  – SB, 5 yrs
    “A universe.” – EK, 6 yrs
    “The Earth!” – CP, 5 yrs
    ”No,” says EK, “the universe is bigger than the Earth. It goes all around the earth and the sun and all of the planets.”
    “Giants” – JF, 4 yrs
    “A gigantic rock!” – IL, 4 yrs
  1. What is the meaning of life?
    “Family!” – EK, 6 yrs
  1. What is the most complex thing you know?
    “Soccer” – AH, 4 yrs
    “Making really good pictures.” – JF, 4yrs
  1. How should we stop global warming?
    “Hmm.. more forests?” CP, 5 yrs

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