Meet the Summer Camp Staff – Yazmin

yazminBy Yazmin Dee Bayram
Summer 2017 Staff

This summer we have some new faces joining our staff team! And just like the kids, they are all really excited about summer camp this year.

Don’t just take my word for it! Here is Yazmin sharing her excitement for this year’s Summer Camp.

Ikram Kabadeh, Children’s Program Coordinator

What are you most excited about?

This summer I’m most excited about finally attending a summer camp! As a kid I never got the opportunity to attend camp… Even though I’ll be a counsellor, who says grown-ups can’t have fun at summer camp?!

What is something that you are nervous about?

I can’t wait to experience the fun and excitement that the sun brings each day. I’m a little nervous about how tired I might get each day, but if the kids can handle it, then I’m sure they’ll inspire me to do the same. The amount of energy they have is so impressive to me, my goal is to keep up with them!

What are you looking forward?

I can’t wait to get outside, learn new things from my peers and the children, and to also teach the kids some fun new skills! I hope the weather is good to us all summer, let’s all have fun and stay safe 🙂

Welcome to the team Yazmin!

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