Where are they now? St. Alban’s Alumni: Michael De Giorgio

14233681_10157575944510413_1523813355_oBy Anja Moore-Heighington
Communications and Resource Development Coordinator

Here at St. Alban’s, we offer programs for children from ages 0 to 19, and this means that we have a lot of alumni who have grown up with St. Alban’s throughout their whole childhood! To showcase some of the amazing people who have been involved here at St. Alban’s,we are interviewing some alumni. 

For this interview, I talked to Michael De Giorgio.DeGiorgio_Mike

  1. Hi, Michael. Can you please introduce yourself? What do you do now?
    I work at U of T as an assistant coach with the Varsity Men’s Basketball team.  I am also the Camp Director for Camp U of T in the summer.
  2. How long were you/have you been involved at St. Alban’s? What programs did you participate in?
    I went to St. Alban’s and participated in the youth programs from grades 9-13 and then came back for events throughout my time in University.  I spent most of my time in the gym playing basketball and lifting weights.
  3. How did you did find these programs?
    I was introduced to St. Alban’s by my friends at school who lived in the neighborhood and would go there to play basketball.
  4. Did you work or volunteer at St. Alban’s?
    I worked for St. Alban’s doing the after-school program for a few years and have volunteered numerous times during special events over the years.
  5. What is your favourite memory from St. Alban’s?
    My favorite memory from St. Alban’s was our trips to Montreal for basketball tournaments.  We went 3 or 4 times and we always had a great time.  We played in indoor and outdoor basketball tournaments and usually did fairly well.  It was a great experience because we all got to hang out together and go somewhere that we didn’t usually go.
  6. Did being part of the St. Alban’s family impact you?
    St. Alban’s definitely left a lasting impact on me.  All of the people there were so nice and willing to sacrifice their time to help not only me but my whole group of friends.  It gave me a place to go to train in the summers and gave all of my group of friends a place to hang out and play basketball together.  I spent a lot of nights there in the summer training and playing basketball.  I went on to play at the University of Toronto and I can definitely say St. Alban’s helped me to accomplish that goal.

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