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FOSSBy Foss 
Preschool Staff

Parents sing praises about the preschool and the preschool staff all the time – just read our testimonials page! So for this blog post, we spoke to Foss, one of the amazing staff who run the preschool program.

  1. Your name and position/title.
    My name is Foss and I am the Head Teacher in the Senior Preschool Room.

    Just one of the smiling faces in preschool!

    Just one of the smiling faces in preschool!

  1. What is your long-term career goal? 
    I am currently in the process of registering for school to be a Resource Consultant for Children with Special Needs
  1. What programs do you run/help run?
    I run the Senior Preschool room and I help with all of the other preschool rooms. I also am the the supervisor with staff schedules.
  1. How long have you worked for St. Alban’s?
    I have worked at St. Alban’s for about 10 years now!
  2. What are your favourite activities to do with the children?
    I love to do science with the preschool children because I get to explore different elements and how they react to one another, and show the children how exciting science can be.
  1. What is your favourite part about the job?
    I love watching the children grow and develop over their time spent here at St. Alban’s!

Thank you Foss for all your hard work and dedication over the last 10 years – the children of St. Alban’s preschool really appreciate it!

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