Kids say the darndest things – Summer Camp edition!

By Cindy Nguyen
Rogers Raising the Grade Program Coordinator

Ah summer camp…a busy time of the year here at St. Alban’s, especially for the kids! Somehow these tiny humans are able to conquer people double their size on a daily basis.  Sometimes, we aren’t sure how our lives can be managed by these tiny little youngsters but we do know one thing – they say the darndest things! 

Over the last few weeks we have had the pleasure of getting to know our summer camp kids, making new memories with them, and hearing the most hilarious things. I’ve asked our staff to document any funny, memorable quotes so I can share on this blog with you! Below are a few examples of what we’ve heard so far:

Location: In the bathroom (two kids waiting for a bathroom stall)

Child A: “It is my human right to use the bathroom! It is my human right to use the bathroom! It is my human right to use the BATHROOM!” (Impatiently waiting)

Child B: “WELL, it is MY human right that you go and take a shower!”

Location: In the home-base, conversation between a child and a camp counsellor

Camp counsellor: “Guys…I don’t feel so well”

Child: “How can I put you out of your misery?”

Location: In the art room while doing an art activity

Child A to Child B: “Give me the scissors!”

Camp Counsellor to Child A: “But first, where are your manners?!”

Child B: They are nowhere to be found…*pause* haha, I can be very funny.

Location: On the way to the field trip on the school bus

Child A: “What if I need to use the bathroom and we are stuck in traffic?”

Child B: “Yeah! I can’t hold in my pee. The last time I had to hold in my pee, it really hurt”

Child A: “So what did you do?”

Child B: “I let it ALLLLLL out”

Child A: “Well, you gotta go when you gotta go!”

Camp Counsellor: “please don’t let it all out on this bus…”

These are just some examples of the many funny things we overhear the kids saying at St. Albans! What are the darndest things you’ve heard at home? Comment down below!

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