St. Alban’s alumni & the next generation: Ayokah, Ariel and Aveline Beauchamp

We recently caught up with Ayokah Beauchamp, who attended programs at St. Alban’s as a child.  Now, the tradition continues as both her daughters attend programs here! 

When I was 9 years old, I started attending the after school and swim programs at St. Alban’s. I walked there from my school down the street every day. My elementary school used the pool as well so I went there throughout all of elementary school for swimming.

Some of my best memories were spending time with my friends at the Club and playing in the games room after school. I loved the swimming program there as well. 

I had such good memories at St. Alban’s that when we were looking for a swim program for my step-daughter, Ariel, St. Alban’s was my first thought and it’s so close to her school. She loved the March Break swim program so much and her swimming improved  by leaps and bounds so we enrolled her in the regular weekly swim program. We saw that there was an all girls summer camp week and thought that would be perfect. She had so much fun we enrolled her in another week and her friend decided to also join.  Ariel had nothing but good things to say every day after summer camp and she can’t wait to go again next year.

I’m going to be signing my one year old daughter, Aveline up for the Starfish swimming program this winter and continue with all her swimming at St. Alban’s. When she’s older we will also sign her up for summer camps as well. I love that the girls will be continuing in the tradition of having fun at St. Alban’s and learning to swim at the same place I did when I was young.
If you have an alumni story, please share it with us so that we can feature you on our next blog!

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