Holiday Crafts

by Michelle Clarke
Arts Coordinator

Here is a list of some of my favourite holiday crafts – great for those winter days when you want to cozy up inside and get creative : ) 


Christmas Wreaths

This one can be a little bit messy but a lot of fun and a great keepsake. (

Here’s another great wreath craft for those that prefer a little less mess. (


Snowflake Crystals

This one is also a bit of a cool science experiment. You can buy pipe cleaners from your local dollar store and borax is available in the cleaning aisle of most grocery stores. (

Snow Paint

This is a really fun one that kids love. It’s a lot of fun just making it, and then even more fun to paint with it.  The recipe calls for peppermint extract but you can also make a scent free version that works just as well. (

Holiday Fun with Popsicle Sticks

Here are some fun and easy popsicle stick tree ornaments. (

Here is another great popsicle craft for those who celebrate Hanukkah. If glitter isn’t your think, you can also get some little sickers, mini-pompoms or rhinestones from the dollar store to decorate these – see the popcicle stick craft above for decoration inspiration ; )  (

Snow Slime

Slime is always a huge hit for kids of all ages here at St. Alban’s. Here is a great sparkly snow slime. In this tutorial they store the slime in cute plastic tree ornaments (I’ve seen these at Michael’s craft store) , but you can also store your slime in any old jar or container if you aren’t able to track down the ornaments.  (

If no one in your family wears contact lenses (the recipe above call for a bit of contact solution), try this recipe instead. (

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