The people of St. Alban’s: Which preschool staff said it?

Meet some of the preschool staff! Karen, Debbie, Angela, Kimberly, Foss, Susana, Basra, and Bankeni
Who do you think said it……?  Make your guess in the comments section! 

How long have you been working at St. Alban’s?

Staff #1: 15 yrs
Staff #2: on and off for 20 + years
Staff #3: 8 – 9 months
Staff #4: 10 yrs
Staff #5: I have been working at St. Albans for 10 years. 
Staff #6: Started working at March 2011 almost 8 years ago
Staff #7: 6 yrs
Staff #8: 16 yrs

What age group do you currently work with?

Staff #1: Preschool age
Staff #2: Toddlers
Staff #3: Preschoolers
Staff #4: Preschool
Staff #5: I work in the Toddler room. 
Staff #6: Junior preschool                                                        
Staff #7: Toddler
Staff #8: birth to 99 yrs!

What is your favorite thing about working with St. Albans? 

Staff #1: Getting to know all the children and families spending time with the children

Staff #2: I immensely enjoy working with the children. I feel like I get rewarded in small little ways that make me feel “big”.

Staff #3: Children and families

Staff #4: I got to know and love my children and their parents

Staff #5: I enjoy working in  St. Albans Toddler room because I get to watch the developmental changes that occur in my room from when a child first enters the room to when they leave.  I also enjoy their excitement and joy including the things they say and do I find amazing!  Most importantly I love their hugs and how they see me as a super star!  Of course I also enjoy the relationships that are created with the parents along with working with wonderful team members and a caring, hard working boss!

Staff #6: Favorite thing about working at St. Albans is the feeling of sense of community and belonging          

Staff #7: I enjoy being around the friendly families and parents in the centre. I love to work with the parents as a team.

Staff #8: I love working with all of the families at St. Alban’s, providing support and being the “go to” place for everything!

What do you like to do in your down time? 

Staff #1: Lol rest and spend time with my twin nieces and drive my teenager nuts
Staff #2: ‘Jammies and a good book
Staff #3: I like to cook, clean and read and listen to music
Staff #4: Read
Staff #5: During my down time I like to read books such as, “Anne of Green Gables,” “Pride and Prejudice.”  Also I watch old movies such as, “Goonies.”  I love spending time with my family and my 2 best friends.  I really enjoy cooking shows and I could watch Martha Stewart all day!
Staff #6: My down time I like to spend it with my family and friends watching movies and going out to restaurants.                                                                
Staff #7: I would like to have down time so I can just relax
Staff #8: Relax

Do you have any secret talents? 

Staff #1: Those are secret I can’t reveal those
Staff #2: I am double jointed
Staff #3: I like to sing
Staff #5: I don’t think I have any secret talents other than that I can knit a scarf, and I used to play the piano and the flute.
Staff #6: I’m a really good storyteller and I can make paper boats, airplanes
Staff #7: Sewing
Staff #8: Writing, story telling and making up songs!!!

If you had a super power, what would it be and why? 

Staff #1: if I had a superpower hmm I’d want two one to fly (so I wouldn’t have to deal with traffic) & be able to turn invisible because who wouldn’t want that power
Staff #2: I would want to read minds
Staff #3: I would be the spreader of peace, togetherness and unity
Staff #4: Superhuman endurance which would allow me to exert myself during activities without getting tired. With this power, you could run marathons, clean the house, and study for long periods of time with ease and sleep
Staff #5: If I had a secret power it would be to go back in time and be able to fix a bad situation/choice before it happens.
Staff #6: If I had superpowers it would be the ability to pause all the happy moments in life and enjoy it a little longer.                                                                
Staff #7: I would love to be able to make everyone in the world work as a team. To be able to make the world have love, peace, no war.
Staff #8: Invisibility

If you could choose an imaginary friend, who would you choose and why? 
Staff #1: Casper the Friendly ghost – because he was my favorite childhood character growing up.
Staff #2: Wonder Woman because I’ve always like her since I was a child – a strong, powerful woman!
Staff #3: The invisible man so I can observe and see everything in my surroundings.
Staff #4: Jodi Ellen Malpas. I love her books. I will like to be friends with her so she can tell me where she get these amazing story ideas. I will like to know her main character in these books. How all these character where create
Staff #5: My imaginary friend would be a woman covered in leaves and flowers and she would take barren places on earth and make them green so that the people living there can survive and be happy.
Staff #6: I’m already my own imaginary friend that’s hard to beat!!!                                                                          
Staff #7: I can not have an imaginary friend.

If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?
Staff #1: would choose to be a sloth because I’m always on the go and if I was a sloth I would have to slow down and enjoy lots of naps
Staff #2: A dove because it is so peaceful.
Staff #3: An eagle so I can see things before it happens and resond.
Staff #4: A dragon because I think they are unique creature(also game of thrones)
Also like the song and the book of puff the magic dragon. So l love dragons.
Staff #5: If I woke up tomorrow and could chose an animal I would be an elephant.  First elephants are strong and they protect one another especially their young!  Also an elephant never forgets and I sometime forget things!
Staff #6: The animal I would pick is elephant very nurturing, emotional, confident, compassionate, social and great leadership skills just like me 😃
Staff #7: I can’t be an animal.

Do you think you know the preschool staff?  Guess which staff is which in the comments section! We’ll let you know if you are correct! 

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