St. Alban’s youth visit Sunchild First Nation School in Alberta!

St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club at Crescent Falls Clearwater County, Alberta. May 25, 2019

In part 1, we described the wonderful time we had when the students of Sunchild School came to visit us here in Toronto. Now on to Part 2 – our turn to visit them! On our trip to Sunchild First Nations School in Alberta we were pushed out of our comfort zones. We camped in Tipis for the day, went mountain biking, went to a PowWow, went for a hike in the mountains and learned about the community, helped the elders and painted a mural during our community engagement day.

This youth exchange trip was a really great experience for me. We got along really well with the students of Sunchild school. I have some really amazing memories with my friends from Toronto and my new friends in Sunchild. Even though we will probably never see them again, it was an extraordinary experience I will never forget. If we had the choice again I’d do it in a heartbeat. Also I learned “Paskwaw mostos” – this means buffalo/bison in Cree.


My favourite thing that we did was when we went to the mountains and then went to the pow wow at the school.

Photo of one of our twins dancing Fancy Shawl in the PowWow Sunchild Reserve, Alberta. May 25, 2019

The day we saw the pow wow was amazing! Many of us had never been to a Pow Wow. Just to see how the community comes to together to celebrate is awesome. For us this pow wow was a little extra special as one of our “twins” was a dancer in the celebration.

As a staff I love participating in this program. The YMCA Youth Exchange program teaches the youth about culture, to step out of their comfort zones and try new things that they would never otherwise have the chance to do.

Kat Bonnell
Tony & Sunchild Youth standing in front of their room for the night

Where will next year’s Youth Exchange take us? Stay tuned!

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