Opening week of Camp Howland Lake!

The Youth Adventure campers and staff had the honour of being the first group to stay at the newly opened Camp Howland Lake. The only structure on the grounds is the dining hall – so we set up bunk beds and stayed there for a week from July 22-26.

There were so many great memories and experiences from the week. Here are some of the best (or most memorable!) moments from the group!

Some of my favourite moments were when we went fishing and kayaking and I like how we all did things together in a group and the most hilarious moment was when Fabian was saying the scary story – it was so much fun.

~Layla S.S.

My Favourite memory was when I went fishing

~Adam S.

My favourite thing from camping was swimming and jumping off the dock.

~Olivia D

My favourite memory was teaching the youth how to fish! I loved seeing how excited they got about fishing. I love that the girls were more excited about fishing then the boys and that everyone had a chance to catch at least one fish. The funniest moment for me was when Karol was trying to take the fish she just caught off the hook.

~Kat (youth staff)

My funniest memory was when I fell trying to climb up my bunk bed and when I pushed Fabian into the water.


I had a blast at the first week of Camp Howland! My favourite memory was when all the staff planned a scary story walk for the campers; we went when it was pitch black. I WAS SO SCARED OUT OF MY MIND…in such a fun way.


My funniest memory was when Fabian tried to push me in the water, when I was on the kayak and I tipped over into the lake.

~Sam M.

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