Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Every Tuesday evening, youth cooking takes place at St. Alban’s. Youth not only learn kitchen etiquette but also learn about other’s cultures and the foods that come with it. Youth cooking is a great place where youth can make friends, learn how to cook and fill their stomachs!

“I want to be a chef when I grow up”


For some, this cooking program is something fun to do, but for youth like Jaylin J, it’s more of a prep class for his future profession. 

Hollis Langley – St. Albans resident chef and our very own Gordon Ramsey – is in charge of the program and sees first hand the benefits of the program for youth and even himself. 

“I enjoy meeting new participants and learning about different cultures and their recipes. I see the youth in the program take initiative, look for creative recipes, and divide themselves into roles. The youth don’t even know they are gaining skills not only for the kitchen, but for the future as well. ” 

Hollis Langley

Since September, the cooking program has had a steady number of participants and that number seems to increase weekly. The common thread among all the participants is that everyone loves cooking – but no one likes doing the dishes!

Please come join us Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

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