Getch’s favourite INC Studio moment + 2 tracks!

Getch, one of our amazing INC Studio sound engineers, has been working with us since December 2018

Being a mentor to youth is about making sure they are comfortable and can freely express themselves at the studio. Also allowing them a space that truly feels judgement free. This program helped me develop my skills as an engineer, and as an artist. INC is a great stepping stone and it help me expand further into my field.

My favourite memory at INC studio was when I was working with a youth, one of the children from the Club opened the door and asked what we were doing. I told him we were working on music. He was shocked but also excited then he asked “Music is a real job?” it’s nice to open children’s minds and show them anything is possible.

In this new year I hope to give each INC studio artist a better experience with new skills I’ve learned throughout my career.

Listen to two new tracks that our artists produced in the INC Studio program!

Christina – Affection

Trevon – Free Verse

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