Drop the beat studio at JF BGC

Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club has the incredible opportunity of working with Juno nominee Ruben Esguerra. 

Ruben is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, arts educator, community worker and is currently the music director of several program based in Jane-Finch. Ruben is a PhD (ABD) candidate in Musicology/Ethnomusicology specializing in traditional and urban music. 

Ruben has been engaging our youth with music industry knowledge as well as teaching the foundations of creating their own music and songs. The greater goal of this initiative is to unify youth from all parts of Jane and Finch through positive music creation. Benefits of this program are many; development of music writing skills, beat production skills, music industry knowledge and navigation. 

In recent times, the Jane Finch community has been impacted by events of violence. This program has been a great intervention that helps keeps our youth engaged and focused on a task and goal. 

Some of the early pre recordings sound dope, can’t wait for the listening party. 

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