Resources for teens at home


Reading comprehension

Vocabulary comprehension

Practice English Language Arts, separated by grade level(JK-Grade 12)

TedEd Lessons – Lessons worth sharing


English Online

Anglomaniacy – English for Kids

Games to Learn English


English For Everyone

Using English

English Worksheets


TedEd Lessons – Lessons worth sharing

CNN Student News

Huffington Post Teen News


Khan Academy

TedEd Lessons – Lessons worth sharing

IFL Science! – environment, technology, space, the brain, plants & animals, physics and chemistry

The Eyes of Nye, Bill Nye the Science Guy, YouTube Channel

Periodic table song

The Teachers Cafe

French Language Arts

French Worksheets

Covering All Subject Areas

All subject areas; at an Intermediate focused level

Excellent Academic Source for all subjects Grades 1- 12

Crash course- network of YouTube channels with professionally done lessons covering a spectrum of subjects

Wolfram Alpha – Computational knowledge engine- covering all subject areas and more

Khan Academy

TedEd Lessons – Lessons worth sharing

Math Worksheets

IXL Learning

Math Drills

Basic Mathematics

The Teachers Corner


High School Teen/Youth Mentoring Handbook Alberta (Online Version)
Mentor Handbook PDF

Ontario Curriculum Documents – Primary/Junior (JK-Grade 8)

Intermediate (Grade 9-12)

Downtime educational websites

Math game websites

Sploder – Where games come true. Creating / Building your own game

Brain Den- puzzles, riddles and brain teasers

An Online Calendar

Similar to a word document calendar, to help students organize their time and projects, particularly for exams

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