Talking to your kids about the Coronavirus

Over the last few weeks, all of our lives have changed significantly. We aren’t going to work, to the gym or social events. Our kids are not going to school, seeing their friends or extended family, attending their lessons or coming to the Boys and Girls Club. Our lives look very different than they did even a month ago.

Most of all, we are worried and anxious – we don’t know for sure what the future holds, or when things will get back to normal. And we’re washing our hands – a lot – like, a lot a lot! (Hands up if your knuckles are as dry as sandpaper!)

We know that kids can sense our tension – and pick up on so much, as much as we try to protect them. You may be looking for some ways to talk to your kids about COVID-19, social distancing, and what you are doing to stay safe. Here are some videos that may help – you could watch them together as a family and discuss afterwards. You know your child best – how you talk to them about this “new normal” will totally depend on their age and their level of understanding.

Child Mind Institute: Talking to kids about the Coronavirus article and video:

Treehouse Direct: A message from Miss Persona! Teddy Bear Kindergarten is canceled

Our friends at Sesame Street in Communities have put together a collection of resources to help parents and kids during this confusing time. Getting tired of singing “Happy Birthday” while washing your hands? Elmo has a (very catchy) alternative!

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