Screen time = Free time??

By Ikram Kabadeh, Children’s Program Coordinator

No work days used to sound like a dream come true. It felt care free and stress free. No morning traffic, no dress codes, an endless supply of snacks and my personal favourite … solo dance parties.  No Work Days with your children on the other hand is a whole different ball game. You have to get up early, share the washrooms, entertain, play maître d’ and referee all while trying to get through the laundry (like soooo much laundry) list of things you need to do. 

As we move on to Day-I-don’t-even-know-anymore of social distancing/isolation it’s getting harder and harder to keep the kids entertained and busy enough to let you be productive and check things off of your personal to do list.  

What easier way to keep them entertained than…SCREENS?!?!? 

As I sit here with the Netflix playing in the background I wonder how many parents out there have watched the same movie a million times over and have listened to the same chimes and sounds coming from an iPad, tablet, computer or all of the above. These screens have become our little blessings to keep the children busy, happy and most importantly quiet enough for you to be productive.  

As screens become our favourite go to pastime its not always so easy to monitor what sites and apps the children are using.  Here are a couple tips and sites to help keep the kids busy, engaged, safe.   

  1. Set boundaries and expectations 
    1. Select some per-approved sites, show & movies 
    2. Set time limits 
  2. Turn off and store devices when not in use  
    1. Keeping the devices out of sight out of mind will help children move on to the next activity 
    2. This will help set the balance of screen time and other activities 
  3. Keep them close  
    1. Setting up screen time in close proximity helps monitor what the children are doing. It is very easy to end up on a site or channel that is not on the pre approved list.  

Here are some of our favourite websites that we use in the computer lab at St. Alban’s.

Cool Math Games: 

Prodigy Games : 




I hope all this helps to keep the kids busy enough for you to get some work done and supports you to find the balance in the day so you can be productive 

Have fun stay safe and turn that solo dance party into a family dance battle.

 -Ikram K. 

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