Let’s Talk Nutrition!


Are You Eating (Tune: Are You Sleeping) (From Childcare Lounge)
“Are you eating, are you eating
Healthy foods, healthy foods?
For your body needs them, for your body needs them
Everyday, everyday.”


Food Group Plates (From Preschool Plan-it)


  • Magazines and pictures of healthy foods
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • paper

Have your child cut out pictures of healthy food choices.
Discuss the foods they see and why they are or are not healthy.

Change this activity: You could have the pictures pre-cut for them so that you can discuss them as they work on their collage rather than have them cut them out.

Extend this activity: You could also use this as a sorting activity (see the video that Paulette made for this activity)

Fine Motor Activity

Play Food and Foil (from Play Teach Repeat)


  • Cut a few different sized sheets of foil from the roll and place them (along with play food) in a container on the floor.
  • Your child will “wrap leftovers” manipulating the foil around the food using the small muscles in their fingers

Fun activities

Make a leaning tower of….Pizza??!!

Get creative with this play food balancing challenge!
Stack pretend foods in the tallest possible towers. 
Have your child(ren) or family members work in teams for a collaborative twist on this idea.

Sorting Play Food

Sorting is a great early math activity, and there are tons of ways to do it with play food! Sort by:

  • food group
  • colour
  • shape
  • which meal time they are eaten at

Guess the food

Have a mystery bag with a fruit or vegetable inside.

Describe the food and have children try to guess what is in the bag.

Gross Motor

Different ways to walk!

Go for a walk.

While walking, challenge your child to try a “different way to walk”:

  • walk slowly, quickly
  • with heavy loud steps
  • on tiptoes
  • with long strides
  • with tiny steps, in a straight line
  • and in a zig-zag
  • Run, skip, hop, step and jump


Rainbow Tasting Plate (From Eats Amazing)

Present a Tasting Tray.  Let kids taste a rainbow of fruits and veggies off a platter. Ask for a show of hands for each food, asking who “likes it”.


Rainbow Fruit Popsicles (From Eats Amazing)


  • blueberries
  • red grapes
  • strawberries or raspberries
  • tinned peach slices
  • green grapes
  • sugar free lemonade


  • Prepare the fruit – wash the blueberries, grapes and strawberries/raspberries, slice the grapes, hull and slice the strawberries. Drain the peach slices and cut into small pieces.
  • Fill your ice lolly moulds with fruit in the following order; blueberries, sliced red grapes, strawberries or raspberries, tinned peach pieces and green grapes. Make sure you fill them quite tightly so the fruit doesn’t move around too much when the liquid is added.
  • Pour over the lemonade to fill the moulds. You might need to tap the ice lolly mould gently on the counter to release any air trapped beneath the fruit, then top up with more lemonade until all of the moulds are full.
  • Carefully add a lolly stick to each mould, taking care not to disturb the rainbow layers too much.
  • Add the lid, then pop the ice lolly mould into the freezer until completely frozen through. This may take a couple of hours or overnight, depending on your freezer.

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