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DISPATCH – May 15, 2020

A Trailblazer looks at a Chinese sculpture at the Museum.

Have you ever thought about what colour is? Can you be sure you and another person are seeing the exact same thing called “red”? For some people who are colour-blind, they cannot tell the difference between green and red, so to them the world looks quite different. 

Let’s explore the world of colour together as we discover some of the ways it helps us tell stories, imagine scenes, and express emotion.


Colour is used in many arts media, like painting, photography and sculpture. For many artists, colours are used to create a feeling or an atmosphere in their artwork. 

Autumn Colour, West of Edmonton by Arthur Philemon Coleman (1852-1939)

Take a close look at the painting (above) of Autumn colours, by Arthur Philemon Colemon. What does looking at these colours make you feel? What memories do they remind you of? 

Textile Length made in the Netherlands for the Ghana market

Now take a look at this Dutch textile, focusing on the colours. It is an abstract pattern, but if you had to describe it with feelings words, how would you describe the patterns and colours there?


The Green Stripe. Portrait of Madame Matisse by Henri Matisse, 1905

Find a mirror in your house and look at your own face. What are the features you feel make your face unique? Use what you notice to draw a self-portrait.  

Once you’ve done that, start to colour it in using colours that express what mood you are feeling today. Maybe you’re mad. What colour would that be? Or perhaps you woke up happy – what colours will show that you are feeling upbeat? You can make your portrait any combination of colours you like, but try to show on the outside your mood on the inside.


We’d love to see your colourful creations! Take a picture and ask an adult to share it on social media. You can tag us @ROMToronto and use the hashtag #ROMTrailblazers

Have a good week Trailblazers, and we’ll see you next week with three new activities!

Nadijah and Amanda

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