The Day You Begin

DISPATCH – June 12, 2020

Hi Trailblazers, welcome back! In this week’s dispatch, we are going to explore the importance of stories. Telling them, sharing them, and how they can connect us to one another.


Our stories are part of who we are. Our stories are how we express our identity, and connect with other people. They provide us with entertainment, knowledge and more.

A collage of a south-Asian child working on a mural, a photo of a black family in front of a decorated tree dated February 1962, and two Asian children working on a garden, on a background of a book filled with a child’s drawings.

The ROM had an exhibition called The Family Camera that was all about the power of stories. It explored how personal stories help us understand a lot more – not just about where we personally come from, but also about the world around us.  

The Day You Begin is a book about beginning to share our stories. It is written by by Jacqueline Woodson and illustrated by Rafael López. In the The Day You Begin, we learn that personal stories help us find out how people share somethings in common with us, and how there are other things that are fabulously not like us at all. Every person is made up of stories that come together to make us who we are. Watch a read along of The Day You Begin here!

Join Sarah and Christian from the ROM as they read The Day You Begin and talk about the importance of stories.


This week, start to share your own stories with those around you, like those kids in The Day You Begin

  1. Choose one story that’s important to you, and that you feel comfortable sharing with other people. It might be a story about a scar you got on an adventure with a friend, an important treasure you found on a journey, your favourite meal that you learned how to make… any story is good, as long as it’s about you
  1. Share your story in a way that feels right to you. You could draw a picture, share a photo, write a poem, make a video, or find another creative way to tell your story. 

Share your stories with us! You can tag us @ROMToronto and use the hashtag #ROMTrailblazersor #ROMathome

Have a great week. We’ll be back next week with a full Gazetteer! Until then, keep tellin’ those stories.


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