Have a rainbow fun day!

Do the Skittles science experiment with Paulette!

You will need

  • 1 package of Skittles
  • 1/4 cup warm water
  • white plate

Credit/instructions KidSpot.Com

Magic Milk science experiment


  • Milk (Must be either Whole or 2%)
  • Food Coloring. The more colors the better
  • Dish Soap
  • Shallow Dish or Bowl


Step 1 – Pour some milk into a shallow dish or bowl until the milk covers the bottom.

Step 2 – Add some drops of food coloring on the milk. You can use a variety of colors, just be sure to add 3-4 drops of each color.

Step 3 – Add a drop of dish soap into the center of the milk

Step 4 – Watch in amazement as the colors dances across the surface of the milk

How Does the Magic Rainbow Milk Science Experiment Work?

The dish soap causes the fat and the water in the milk to separate and spread apart. The result is the dancing motion of the food coloring in the milk. Whole Milk and 2% Milk contain more fat than other milk, so that is why it is important to use one of those kinds of milk for the experiment.

Sort and Count with Bottles!

Use old bottles and pom poms for simple counting and sorting maths games and motor skills fun! With lots of ways to play and learn, these are a great addition to the maths area at home or school.

What they are learning while they play:

Maths: recognizing numerals, counting using 1:1 correspondence, sorting and matching by colour, counting up to 10 and beyond

Motor skills: using control and precision to pick up and drop small materials, pincer grasp, hand/eye co-ordination

Colour Cubes Gross Motor Game
Get your kids moving!

Here are some ideas of what you could put on your “action” cube.  Choose some that are appropriate for your child.  You could even make more than one cube and switch it up during the game!

  • march
  • run
  • skip
  • walk backward

Credit/Instructions: Paper and Glue

How to Make Milk Paint for Rainbow Toast


  • milk
  • food coloring
  • paint brushes
  • bread (white works best – it’s the one time of year we buy white bread)

Rainbow Necklace with Beads


  • beads in a variety of colours
  • Black plastic lacing (black pipe cleaners are easier to use. Make bracelets instead!
  • Scissors

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