Summer Time Crafts

michelle-clarkeBy Michelle Clarke
Arts Program Coordinator

Summer is a great time to try out some of the messier crafts. Kids looove the messy crafts, and you can even have your kids do this in their bathing suits outside and follow it with some water fun 😉

But for those of you who prefer to keep the mess for us over here at summer camp, I’ll also include some less messy summer-themed crafts for those times you want to chill out in the air conditioning or get out of the rain.

swimming-jellyfish-craft-2For Young Children:


These are so cute, you may want to make them with your older children too!

How To Make Ice Paints A Fun Summer Lesson In All Things Frozen That Toddlers Will Love Sprout Organices One Savvy MomICE PAINT

A fun way to keep things “cool”!


For this one, you just need a paper plate and tissue paper. Cut out a triangle for the mouth and use it to glue on the back for a tail. For a more colourful fish, you can paint it before adding the tissue paper. Use a googly eye or just draw on an eye with a marker.

Older Kids:


This tutorial is for Jelly Fish, but you can paint anything you want with salt paint: try other sea creatures, writing your name, or anything you like!


These ones are very popular around here 😉






For Kids of All Ages:

cotton-candy-puffy-paint-craft-for-kids-PUFFY PAINT

Kids of all ages love this one!
Just make sure that the kids don’t eat it!


This one is super fun! A friend of mine had the brilliant idea to do this at her daughter’s birthday party on a big canvas and now she has some a great big abstract art piece up in her living room!



Go retro with some good old fashioned tie dye!

ice cream in a bag pin 0ICE CREAM IN A BAG

This one is fun and delicious too!



These can be made in ice cube trays, muffin tins or popsicle moulds. If you are feeling fancy, you can also look for different shaped ice cube trays at the dollar store.

Meet the Preschool Staff – Foss

FOSSBy Foss 
Preschool Staff

Parents sing praises about the preschool and the preschool staff all the time – just read our testimonials page! So for this blog post, we spoke to Foss, one of the amazing staff who run the preschool program.

  1. Your name and position/title.
    My name is Foss and I am the Head Teacher in the Senior Preschool Room.

    Just one of the smiling faces in preschool!

    Just one of the smiling faces in preschool!

  1. What is your long-term career goal? 
    I am currently in the process of registering for school to be a Resource Consultant for Children with Special Needs
  1. What programs do you run/help run?
    I run the Senior Preschool room and I help with all of the other preschool rooms. I also am the the supervisor with staff schedules.
  1. How long have you worked for St. Alban’s?
    I have worked at St. Alban’s for about 10 years now!
  2. What are your favourite activities to do with the children?
    I love to do science with the preschool children because I get to explore different elements and how they react to one another, and show the children how exciting science can be.
  1. What is your favourite part about the job?
    I love watching the children grow and develop over their time spent here at St. Alban’s!

Thank you Foss for all your hard work and dedication over the last 10 years – the children of St. Alban’s preschool really appreciate it!

Where are they now? St. Alban’s Alumni: Michael De Giorgio

14233681_10157575944510413_1523813355_oBy Anja Moore-Heighington
Communications and Resource Development Coordinator

Here at St. Alban’s, we offer programs for children from ages 0 to 19, and this means that we have a lot of alumni who have grown up with St. Alban’s throughout their whole childhood! To showcase some of the amazing people who have been involved here at St. Alban’s,we are interviewing some alumni. 

For this interview, I talked to Michael De Giorgio. Continue reading