Rainy Day Activities (for Preschool Aged Children)

Raining“It’s raining, it’s pouring,
The old man is snoring….”

Yes!  It is raining outside and outdoor play is no longer an option.

There is no need to sit looking out the window, wondering if it will ever stop. There are a number of appropriate activities that you can do Continue reading

Our Favourite Activities: You Can Do Them at Home with your Kids!

STARSby the STARS After School Program staff team

What are kids into these days?  Who better to ask than our experts here at the club, the staff from our STARS after school program.  Each of our leaders has an extensive library of activities and ideas in their heads – here are a few of their faves! Continue reading

Cooking and Healthy Snacks: Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen

Ever have a “HANGRY” kid on your hands?  It’s when your kid turns grumpy (“angry”) because they are hungry.

I think it’s safe to say food is one of the keys to a happy kid.  Anytime we have programs offered here at the Club and we can offer food, kids come in flocks!  More often than not, we see a kid get picked up from the after school program and the first thing out of their mouth is not “Hi Dad”, but instead “what’s for dinner?” Continue reading

Put that Tablet Away! Fun Activities You and Your Kids Can Do Together

Meganby Megan MacDonald
Children’s Program Coordinator

It happens to us here at St. Alban’s sometimes – the activity we planned didn’t take as long as we thought, and we have to think of something on the spot.  Or, the line at the entrance of a field trip location takes forever, and we’ve got a bunch of excited kids on our hands.  Continue reading