Connections: Paloma & Foss

This year, we are introducing a video blog series which will focus on the special bond between leaders at St. Alban’s, and the kids in their programs.

From preschool teachers to swim instructors, after school program and summer camp counselors to youth workers, our Club is filled with excellent role models who make a significant impact on our members every day. Continue reading

St. Alban’s Youth on their Experiences at the Club

Guest writers to our blog this week – Gianmichele, Kayla, Avery, and Tandis write about what St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club means to them.

bloggmI started St. Alban’s in 2013. I was in grade 7 and my friend from elementary school re-introduced me to Alban’s. I used to go in my preschool days but then I stopped. When I continued I got to know everybody, my counsellors were always so supportive and it was a huge honour to spend my after school hours with them! After that, I started getting into everything from acting classes to youth council to volleyball. Continue reading

Kojo: A Lifelong Member of Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club

Kojoby Kojo Agyemang
Youth member, Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club

The Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club has been one of the most welcoming places for any youth to come to. Growing up through the Boys and Girls Club was a true blessing. As part of the Club I went to summer camps, participating in trips, got help with homework and even asked for advice from the leaders there. Continue reading