Our Progress

Our island

Treasure Island? Toronto Island? Oak Island? Stewart Island? Bolton Island? What should it be called?

Winter view

When we think of camp, we think of swimming, canoeing, and wearing shorts and t-shirts in the warm summer weather. But the lake does look pretty spectacular in the winter as well. Do we see some winter camping, snow shoeing and cross country skiing in our future?

We visit the site

Chris, Anna, Shawn, Fabian and Graeme took a visit to check out the campgrounds, and see the work that needs to be done (lots!)

Welcome to camp!

We bought a camp!  A long time dream of the St. Alban’s leadership team, staff and members has been reached – we bought a beautiful campgrounds in the town of Minden Hills.  We have a long way to go to get it ready for campers, but we are so excited about the journey and will…
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