Memories of Camp Genessee

Canoeing, crafts, campfires and smores. All shared with amazing friends and incredible counselors – what more could a kid ask for!
Every year we couldn’t wait for summer just so we could escape the city for week or two. Boarding the camp bus was just the beginning of our adventure, which really started when the bus hit that last HUGE bump on the dirt road. That’s how we knew we had arrived.
Swimming in a crystal clear lake was amazing. Okay, there may have been a few leeches, but that only added to the fun.
Creating crafts with the birch bark we found on our nature walk, playing Catch-the-flag at dusk, and listening to ghost stories around the campfire while we munched on snacks we bought at the tuck shop was the perfect day at camp.
When I was “older”, I was fortunate enough to become a Camp Counselor and share some of these experiences with younger kids. ‎ Sadly the camp closed shortly after, but experiences like ‎these last a lifetime. And they were only made possible through the generosity of St. Alban’s, and the support and guidance they provided the families in their community was priceless.
Thank you so much to the Club for all the memories. I am so thrilled to know that there is a new Camp where many more adventures will be created for generations to come.
Happy Camping!

Mona (Kozma) Cormier

Thinking back to those days at camp as a young girl brings back really great memories! It was a great experience where you were expected to test your limits, whether swimming to an island in the middle of a lake, hiking (for what seemed like days), hiding with your friends in the bush, or canoeing for hours on end. At the time you don’t realize the impact this adventure will have on your life and how many times you will eventually draw on those days and recollections. And I am lucky that I can still share some of them with friends from that time!

Sandra Lenz-Billard

Coming from a mid class family going to camp was not affordable but the Club offered free weeks to kids and I got to go a couple of times. It was a wonderful experience! Camping in the wilderness with Spam packed for food was such an adventure, we would bury it in the ground cause no one wanted to eat it. The night activities of playing capture the flag in the forest, listening to scary stories and buying snacks from the tuck shop are memories I will never forget. Swimming to the island while staying clear of the leeches was a task. I got one stuck on my foot… so good thing there was salt on the beach! Eating in the dinning room was a treat. I remember the hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, chili and at night time there was hot chocolate. The ride to the camp was memorable as well as we drove over hills and it was a blast if you sat in the very back.
The friendships that we made with the other kids was something to cherish!

Marilyn Campbell