History & Vision

St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club is a community agency where member children, youth, families and adults meet in a safe supportive environment to share and experience a sense of community, belonging and a healthy lifestyle, Our emphasis is on children and youth programming as we believe that confident and healthy children and youth become responsible members in the community.

History of St. Alban’s

St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club was founded in 1949 in a church basement to get young people involved in healthy activities and to provide positive role models and opportunities for personal growth. Through innovative approaches and programs and successful fundraising, the Club has grown to operate a 20,000 square foot Club house in the Bathurst and Dupont area and 17 satellite locations in 3 high need communities – Jane and Finch, Weston Mount Dennis and Lawrence Heights – to over 3000 members annually.

The legacy of Camp Genessee

Through the 1960’s and 1970’s the Club sent hundreds of children to Camp Genessee. For many members this became their first outdoor and out of the city experience. The Camp allowed for different types of opportunities for programming skill development for Club members such as canoeing, crafts and orienteering.
Camp Genessee was owned by the Executive Director of St. Alban’s and when he moved on so did the opportunity for outdoor experiences for Club members.

The vision

With the recent purchase of the campgrounds in the town of Minden Hills, Ontario, we are creating an environmentally focused outdoor wilderness camp dedicated to delivering meaningful and quality outdoor life and leadership skills opportunities for Boys and Girls Club members outside of their communities. Children and youth will enjoy water activities such as swimming, canoeing and kayaking. On land, the children and youth will enjoy activities such as hiking, mountain biking and orienteering.

Join us as we enter this exciting new chapter in the St. Alban’s story.