Wish List

Your gift will help us create a summer camp experience full of memories for our campers this summer and in years to come.

Redtail Beavertail Poplar Canoe Paddle for adult $40
(8 purchased of 20 needed)

Fulcrum Guide PFD $181
(2 purchased of 4 needed)

Child/Youth Bike helmet $37
(10 needed)

Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp $28.25
(1 purchased of 20 needed)

Gas powered telescopic pole chainsaw $1017

Canoe trailer – $1470

4-Ton Power Pull – $163 – PURCHASED!

Dinnerware place setting (bowl, small plate, large dinner plate, cup, spoon, fork, knife) – $20.63
(50 needed)

Garmin GPS Map 64ST Handheld GPS – $395.50
(2 needed)

Silva SL Ranger Compass – $34
(10 needed)

Zonz Camo LED Camp Lantern – $51
(5 of 5 purchased!.)

Dorcy floating flashlight – $10.20
(10 purchased of 10 needed!)

Your gift –
Choose an amount and allow us to direct it where it’s needed most.

Grumman 17′ Double End Canoe – $2080
(2 purchased of 8 needed)

Grey Owl Owlet Canoe Paddle – Children to Youth $30
(6 purchased of 20 needed)

Level Six Ten-O Surf Stand Up Paddleboard $904
(10 needed)

Kickboard $18
(20 of 20 purchased)

Youth Mountain Bike – $565
(10 needed)

Old Town Heron Junior Kayak $452
(10 needed)

Inflatable water trampoline $3955

Commercial grade bed bug resistant bunk bed (includes mattress) – $900
(6 bunks per cabin)

Inflatable water climber $14,000

Fox 40 Marine Safety Kit – $12.42
(20 needed)

Fluid 4 buckle water sports vest – $28.17
(4 purchased of 20 needed)

Coleman 7-person dome tent – $197.75

Port-a-potty rental ($175×4=$700)

GSI Cascadian Mug – $4.50
(20 needed)

Thank you for your donation:

Mona Cormier, (in memory of Edward Cormier), Albert Aiello, Lisa Halahan, Jonathan Madras, Howard Lee, Chris Foster, Liz Hurley, Adrian Bain, Drew Megarry, Denise Silverstone, ML Foster, John Connor, Unifor 673, Deanna Searle, Kevin Biggs, Marla Fine, Bill Kiatipis, Dan Prentice, James Lackie, Fiona Chisholm, Marty Galea, Kelly Somers, Kristy Guthrie, Josh Berman, Robert Cormier (in memory of Leslie Kozma), Ryan Webb (in honour of Art Webb), Alison Hall, Kim Campbell, John and Linda Hutcheson,Tami Waters, Mary Hulbert, Alexandra North, Michael Hartt, Edward Gorsline, Gordon Dunlop, Yuri Chumak, Nigel Goodfellow, Sandy Price, Sebastian Goodfellow, Ryan Palmer, Scot and Sue Robertson, David Nemirovsky, Monika Foster