External complaint procedure policy

Policy 2.5.10

The following steps are recommended for resolving external complaints, misunderstandings or conflicts.

Staff who receive the external complaint must notify Senior Staff immediately.

Senior staff must respond to the complainant within 24 hours.

  1. Senior staff will review, document and respond to the complainant as soon as possible. If the review becomes a long process timely updates should be made to the complainant.
    1. Once the senior staff has completed their review they are to share their findings with Executive Director and or Board Chair.   
    2. If the issue is still unresolved, the complainant may request a meeting with the Executive Director and senior manager.  This meeting will also be documented.
    3. If the matter is still unresolved, the complainant may submit the written issue for the next Board of Directors meeting.  The Board will review and respond within 10 days of the meeting.  Their decision will be final.

Complaints, investigation results and records are documented and maintained. 


Executive Director, the Board Chair, and or Community Directors are responsible to ensure this policy and procedures are followed.