After School Programs for Children 6-9 & Tweens 10-12


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The Program
The After School Program is for children who attend grades 1-6. It provides a wide variety of enjoyable activities during the after school hours. The program includes nutrition lessons, drama, arts & crafts, homework assistance, and indoor/outdoor activities. 

Asset Building
Many factors influence why some young people have success in life and why others have a hard time.  Research by the Search Institute has identified 40 “Developmental Assets”, which have a tremendous influence on young people’s lives.  Mastering these assets helps children and youth make wise decisions, choose positive paths, and develop into competent, caring, and responsible adults.

C.A.T.C.H. Kids program, is implemented into the daily program routine.  C.A.T.C.H. is a recreation program designed to promote behaviours that assist in developing and maintaining health in school-age children.  The primary goal is to promote healthy physical activity behaviours.  The C.A.T.C.H. Kids program includes short lessons on healthy eating and a physical activity component.

High Five Quality At Play
Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club and St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club are proud partners in Parks and Recreation Ontario’s HIGH FIVE® program.  This program provides agencies with tools for measuring the success of their recreation programs for children in the area of healthy childhood  development. When children participate in recreational play, they develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. What they learn at play provides a strong foundation that will help prepare them for future life experiences. Through our programs we strive to provide activities and environments where children feel safe, welcome, competent, connected, empowered and special.

In general, the program runs for two hours after school. Exact times are based on local school dismissal times and location of the program.

Gosford P.S 3pm to 5:30pm
Driftwood P.S. 3pm to 5:30pm
Topcliff P.S. 3pm to 5:30pm
Grandravine 3pm to 6pm
Stanley P.S. 3pm to 6pm
Sheppard P.S. 3pm to 6pm
Driftwood Crt. 3pm to 6pm

If your child is going to be absent please call or email the main office so we can inform the counselors.

What to bring
Snack, weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play,  drink or water bottle.

PA Days and Holidays
The after school program does not run on PA Days and school holidays.

Our Staff
We hire well-trained and experienced childcare workers into our children’s program.  Our staff bring an outstanding experience and knowledge base with them. Our staff have qualifications in High Five, First Aid/CPR, CATCH Training.  Our counselors are fun, energetic and have a strong commitment to quality children’s programming.

Registration for the 2020/21 School year
Online only

Please click here for detailed COVID-19 precautions and answers to Frequently Asked questions.