Member Pool Schedule


The pool is open at specific times for recreational swim, family swim, lane swim and AquaFit.

Pool is for member use only. Fees apply for AquaFit and lane swim. Come by to fill out a membership form, pay for membership and/or pay for Aquafit or lane swims.

Palmerston pool only.  Does not apply to Winona pool.

LANE SWIM Designated lanes open for laps or water jogging. $3 per visit, $30/12 visit pass, $150 for a one year pass

RECREATIONAL SWIM Refer to Admission Policy. Free.

FAMILY SWIM Refer to Admission Policy. Free. Children under 16 must be with an adult over 18.

AQUA FITNESS Land-based exercises adapted for in-water conditioning, using properties of floating & limited impact. $5 per visit. $50/12 visit pass. $150 for a one year pass.

Interim Schedule March 9 – 20, 2020

Spring Schedule April 6 – June 14 2020