Add your Name to the Wait List

Waiting list policy:

All families interested in registering their child at St. Alban’s Preschool, will be placed on a waiting list at no cost.  Once a space (in the child’s age range/room) becomes available, the applicants on the waiting list will be contacted in order until the space has been filled, considering the child meets criteria to be eligible (age and the date space offered).  Siblings of children already registered in care will be given priority; considering that the child meets the criteria (age and date space offered).

When the child care is contacted by families on the waiting list, to ascertain their position on the list, the supervisor can let families know an approximation of when they will be offered care in a manner that also maintains the privacy and confidentiality of the children listed on it.

Once a child has been offered a secured spot at in the child care centre, St. Alban’s may charge the fees for up to the first month of the child’s attendance, which is to be paid at the time of registration.