Prices & Registration – How and When to Sign Up for Classes

As of the Summer 2018 aquatic registration, we began using Amilia, a new online registration system that accommodates registration for both group and private/semi-private lessons. 
If you have not done so already, you will need to set up an account on the new system and add your child(ren) as participants in your account. Setting up the account before registration day will allow you to become familiar with the system, give you time to contact us with questions, and register for programs quickly on registration day.  
Complete Instructions for online registration
Fall 2018 Registration begins: September 8th 9am. ONLINE ONLY. 
New for Fall 2018 registration: 
In order to complete your registration for the Fall aquatic program, each participant will need a 2018/2019 Club membership. Club memberships run from September 1-August 31 and annual renewal is required.  It is strongly recommended that you purchase the membership before registration day so that you can more quickly select your desired lesson and increase your chances of getting in.  Memberships for 2018/2019 are available for purchase now. 
Access the Amilia registration system to set up account and purchase membership.
STARS parents who already have a membership for 2018/2019
If you have already purchased a membership for 2018/2019 and are planning on registering for aquatic lessons, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can enter your membership into the Amilia system. 
LessonTimes account deactivation
We will be deactivating our account with LessonTimes (our old registration system) by September 15th. If you need access to any receipts or records of lessons, please log into your account and download them by September 15th.  After this date, we won’t have access to these records. Link to LessonTimes system.

Fall 2018 – Session dates

Palmerston & Winona pools: Starts October 1st  and ends  November 26th

There will be no classes on Monday, October 8 2018 (Thanksgiving)

For prices and schedules, please visit our online registration system.

Participants in Semi-Private lessons must pre-arrange their own groups before registering; they are not arranged by St. Alban’s staff. Participants cannot be more than one level apart.

Prices – Fall 2018

Group Lessons: $130

Private lesson $265.00 (9 classes each participant) or $235.00 (8 classes each participant) 

Semi-Private Lesson (2 swimmers)  $350.00 (9 classes each participant) or $290.00 (8 classes each participant)

Semi Private Lesson (3 swimmers)  $435.00 (9 classes each participant) or $345.00 (8 classes each participant)

Private versus Group Lessons
It is a common belief that children will progress faster if they are registered in a private lesson. Statistically, there is no evidence to support this. In fact, private lessons are not necessary for the majority of the population, unless you have the following considerations:
1. A specific skill that your child is not progressing on which is forcing them to be held back in lessons.
2. Any type of special need or requirement that prohibits your child from participating in a group environment.

We strive to give each child equal amount of attention in a group lesson—as well, a group environment promotes teamwork, offers encouragement and motivation, as well as enjoyable interaction with other children. Consider group lessons first!

Evaluation provides guidance on how swimmers can progress and what class level would provide the best environment for development.  It is unusual for participants to progress through a level on the first try.  Swimmers often spend a few sessions in a level before moving to the next one.   A recommendation to repeat the same level should not be misinterpreted as a lack of improvement as this is seldom the case.  For this reason, parents/guardians are encouraged to respect the recommendation of the aquatic staff.

Refund Policy
Participants are permitted to withdraw from a course up to the 2nd class.  A refund for the remaining classes, less a 15% administration fee will be granted.  NO REFUNDS are issued after the 2nd class, nor if a class is missed by the participant.
EXCEPTION – LEADERSHIP CLASSES – 15% admin fee for cancellations up to two weeks before first class. No refund granted after the two weeks prior.

Bathing Caps
The use of a bathing cap is strongly encouraged. Bathing caps can be purchased at both locations.

Shower Policy
In accordance with Ontario Public Pool Regulation 565/90 all bathers must take a full shower before entering or re-entering the pool.
Taking a shower before you swim means less dirt, oil, dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria entering the pool. This eliminates the chances of diseases entering the pool and reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool clean.

Make Up Classes
Pool time is fully booked and the Club is not able to accommodate individuals who miss classes. Lifesaving courses are designed for 100%% attendance; missing lifesaving classes may jeopardize passing the course. Instructor courses require 100% attendance.

Pool Closures
Temporary pool closures may occur at any time. If this happens, we make every effort to telephone all swimmers. We will add an extra week at the end of term, if scheduling permits. Otherwise, a credit will be issued.