Private Lesson Schedule

Participants in Semi-Private lessons must pre-arrange their own groups before registering; they are not arranged by St. Alban’s staff. Participants cannot be more than one level apart.

Private lesson registration information and prices.

For information on group schedules, please check the group online registration.

Palmerston Private Fall schedule

Monday9:30am (1)10:00am (1)10:30am (2)5:00pm (4) 5:30pm (3)6:00pm (2)6:30pm (3)7:00pm (3)7:30pm (4)
Tuesday5:00pm (4)5:30pm (2) 6:00pm (3)6:30pm (3)7:00pm (3)7:30pm (4)8:00pm (4)8:30pm (5)
Wednesday5:00pm (3)5:30pm (3)6:00pm (2)6:30pm (4)7:00pm (3)7:30pm (3)
Thursday7:00pm (5)
Friday 5:00pm (2)5:30pm (2)6:00pm (3)6:30pm (3)
Saturday AM9:00am (3)9:30am (2)10:00am (3)10:30am (1)11:00am (1)
Saturday PM12:00pm (2)12:30pm (3)1:00pm (3)1:30pm (4)
Sunday AM9:00am (2)9:30am (3)10:00am (2)10:30am (1)11:00am (2)11:30am (2)
Sunday PM12:00pm (2) 12:30pm (2)1:00pm (3)1:30pm (3)

Winona Private Fall schedule

Monday4:30pm (4)5:00pm (2)5:30pm (1)
Wednesday5:00pm (2)5:30pm (2)
Thursday5:00pm (3)5:30pm (3)6:00pm (3)6:30pm (2)7:00pm (3)7:30pm (3)8:00pm (4)
Friday4:30pm (3)5:00pm (3)5:30pm (3)6:00pm (6)6:30pm (2)7:00pm (4)7:30pm (4)8:00pm (4)