Raise the Grade E-Café

We are bringing Raise the Grade virtual on Zoom! The Raise the Grade E-Café (RTG E-Café) is an online mentorship and tutoring platform designed to help youth with their education and life-skills. 

How it works: 

Registered Raise the Grade youth and mentor volunteers are able to join the RTG E-Café channel. The channel is private and monitored by Angelo Castillo, Youth Program Manager from Boys & Girls Club of Weston Mount Dennis & Lawrence Heights and Cindy Nguyen, Raise the Grade Coordinator from St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club. 

  • Youth and mentors are paired 1-on-1 and have a set day/time to meet on video call. For example: every Tuesday from 6:00pm-7:00pm.
  • Youth and mentors will work together on the new online education curriculum implemented by the Government of Canada. 
  • An RTG group chat is available 24/7 for group members (Youth, Mentors and Parents) to post updates, questions or concerns for the Program Coordinators.
  • Online workshops and activities based on life-skills provided 2x a month by Cindy and Angelo
  • Program Coordinators will do check-ins with all youth and mentors to ensure that program goes smoothly. 

How can youth and mentors join the group?

  • Connect with Angelo (angelo@stalbansclub.ca) or Cindy (cindy@stalbansclub.ca) to join the group! 
  • Youth/Mentors must download the Zoom app to their phone or web browser.
  • Youth / Mentors will be interviewed prior to being added onto the channel. This is to ensure the following:
    • Youth: Better understand how we can assist and support you and to find a mentor that is suitable based on your needs.
    • Mentors: Get to know your strengths, availability and to find a youth that is suitable based on your strengths
  • Once you are set up, we will add you to the RTG Café channel and get you started with a mentor!