Setting up an online registration account

Create your account:

What will you need to do?
Before registration, you will need to set up an account in the system and add your child(ren) as participants in your account. Setting up the account before registration day will allow you to become familiar with the system, give you time to contact us with questions, and register for programs quickly on registration day.
Setting up a new Amilia account
Go to:
A log in screen will appear:

To begin the sign up process, provide your email address and a password (which must be entered twice, to confirm it).

Click on Create an Account.

A confirmation screen appears.

You will now be asked to check your email. Amilia will be sending you a message that contains a link. You must click on the link in this email in order for Amilia to recognize your account. This is essential because St. Alban’s will use this email address to communicate with you in the future, as well as to send you registration confirmations.

  • Look for an email from Its title should read: “Verify your new Amilia account.” Note: If you cannot find this email, please check your spam folder.
  • Click on the link in the email. As the email recommends, if clicking the link doesn’t work, copy and paste the link into your browser. We often hear that clicking on email links isn’t safe. We assure you, it is perfectly safe in this case.

You have now validated your email address and you will be returned to the Amilia login page.

You are now ready to register!

Enter the same email address and password as before.

Click on the blue Login button to continue.

From here, you are able to register for programs, register for an annual Club membership, or click on the Account tab to fill out some forms and provide some information about yourself and your family members. 

 Everything will be saved to make your next registration easier. Next time you see an Amilia login screen, provide your email address and password, and the system will pre-fill everything it can!

I am having trouble setting up my account.

Please call the Club for assistance with setting up your account.   We are happy to help – although will likely be unable to do so on registration day as our phone lines are typically quite busy on that day.   You may also come into the Club (arrange a time with us) to use our computer lab to set up your account if you would like in-person assistance.  If you would like to use our computer lab on the first day of registration, please let us know so that we can arrange to have a staff available to help you.

Can I register by phone, email or in person?

Not at first. In order to fill the programs in the order that we receive registrations, we need all participants to register using the online system.

For aquatic programs: We will begin accepting in-person registrations on the second day of registration.  However, keep in mind that this gives other participants a full 24 hours to register for a time slot that you might want.

For summer camp programs: We will begin accepting in-person registrations two weeks after registration opens.  However, keep in mind that this gives other participants a full two weeks to register for a camp that you might want.