Summerhill Boys and Girls Club

The Summerhill Boys and Girls Club provides children between Grades 2 to 7 the chance to play fun, classic games in a sporting and friendly atmosphere. It has been the highlight of many childhoods in the community since the 1950s.
The program runs on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Cottingham Junior P.S.

In the 1950s, the Yonge Street United Church gymnasium was the home of the Summerhill Kiwanis Club – open four nights a week for boys and occasionally girls in the community.

When the Kiwanis Club’s budget no longer allowed them to fund the program, the church began fundraising to run the program as the “Summerhill Boys and Girls Club.”

Much of the funding for the program came from St. Andrew’s United Church out of the proceeds of the property sale after a fire in 1971.  The program was moved to Cottingham Junior P.S. Eventually, the parents started to support the program with their donations. As of about 2014, St. Andrew’s stopped funding the program and the parents were able to completely support the Club.

In 2017, a partnership between St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club and Summerhill Boys and Girls Club was formed, strengthening the programs and community outreach of both Clubs.

Bill Davis has volunteered and led the program since the 1950’s. For 60 years, Bill has brought children together in the Summerhill and Cottingham area to participate and play in a safe and fun environment. He has lived his entire life in the Yonge and Summerhill area, where he volunteers his time and energy to coaching softball, hockey and touch football teams and lead the children and youth with the Summerhill Boys and Girls Club. In 2018, the park at 80 Cottingham Street was renamed “Bill R. Davis Playground.”

How it all began…


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Maitland Minors Championship Lacrosse team, 1921-22. The neighbourhood lacrosse team can be considered the beginning of the history of after school programs for local kids. It laid the foundation for what would later become Summerhill Boys and Girls Club.

Summerhill Kiwanis Club (which would later become Summerhill Boys and Girls Club), 1964. The children enjoyed many of the same activities that they enjoy today!









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