“St. Alban’s has been the cornerstone of our family life since we moved into the neighborhood 13 years ago. Our children have learned to share, swim, run, play guitar, teach, work hard and be responsible, open minded, and compassionate members of their community. We feel so privileged to have this wonderful place and the amazing staff and volunteers who bring it to life.” – Frank and Rebecca (parents)

“The Club has provided my daughter with skill development, movement, community connections, mentorship and, most importantly, the opportunity to be challenged and to develop competence and confidence in a caring and supportive space.” – Michelle Brownwigg (parent and community partner from U of T)

“St. Alban’s is a place where kids can be themselves and learn new things. St. Alban’s was recommended to us after our daughter didn’t get into summer swim at another swim club 6 years ago! She has been with the competition swim team for the last 5 years and has grown into a fierce swimmer under the guidance of Fabians coaching! Being a small swim club, you get the one on one training with the coach, as to a larger club! Our daughter as become good friends with a lot of her team mates over the years and she says ‘it feels like a family atmosphere.’ Thank you for creating this safe place for kids!” – Allan Wing (parent)

“I am so grateful that our daughter is enrolled at the daycare at St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club. It is so important where your children spend their time and with whom, and there is no where I would prefer for her to be. The staff are patient, empathetic, caring and I feel as though they have helped her to develop positive self-esteem. The programs have been wonderful and the swimming program has made our lives so much easier as she has become much more comfortable being in water and therefore taking baths. Also very important to us is the price. St. Alban’s is significantly less expensive then where we were before and since changing to St. Alban’s we have been able to have our daughter enrolled for 4 days a week, which is much better […] for me. Thank you to everybody at St. Alban’s for how you have helped in the raising of our daughter. We appreciate it more than we can express.” – Shana Tilbrook (parent)

“My son has attended St. Alban’s Preschool since he was 18 months old and is graduating this month. I could sing the praises of the entire staff for the rest of my life. They are attentive, sincere, nurturing, kind and compassionate, patient and intelligent. I have never for a moment felt anything but unwavering support for the programs and staff at St. Alban’s. Even though my son is graduating from the preschool, we will continue to be members and use the wide range of excellent programming for years to come. I feel extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful facility in our neighbourhood!” – Anonymous Parent

“I cannot imagine our day to day without St. Alban’s. I grew up using the after-school programs and swimming classes and am thrilled that our son will grow up being part of the St. Alban’s family too. In my transition back to work, the St. Alban’s staff was so supportive and caring. The daycare program has exceeded all our expectations. We feel we won the lottery with fabulous care, great facilities and a curriculum that is constantly evolving.  I am always impressed by the level of professionalism, care and creativity that the daycare staff team demonstrate in their day to day work.  The St. Alban’s model is phenomenal and we are proud to be members.” – Melisa Dickie (parent)

“St Alban’s has become a second home for my kids. That may not sound like a big deal but to a parent with 2 kids with anaphylactic allergies – that means a whole lot. The staff (Kristen, Karen, Gowri, etc.) have taken the time and energy to not only keep my kids safe, but to learn. Karen has attended my anaphylactic support group and came armed with questions and provided great answers to parents who had not yet put their children in child care. My boys take swimming lessons, attend daycare, enjoy the pool on weekends, high five the staff as they walk through the building, and my youngest is ready for his 3rd year of dance class with Ms. Jackie. As someone who has worked in daycares, childcare settings, community centres and summer camps, I can say you have created something special here.” – Allison Venditti (parent)

“My son has been at St. Alban’s for the last one year and he loves his school. He has learned so much and he surprises me everyday with new things he has learned at school. My son absolutely loves his teacher Debbie in his nursery program. Debbie and Karen has been a huge support and source of education for my son. This school feels like a family and everyone always greets every children that walks in the door with so much positivity. It truly feels like a family being a part of this school. I couldn’t have picked a better place for my son. I can go back to school in peace knowing that my son is in safe and good hands. I love St.Albans and so does my son.” – Tanya (parent)

“Our two children have attended programs at St. Alban’s for the past four years and the experience has been fantastic. We are very grateful that we found this unique and wonderful space and that their first exposure to school was so positive. They just love St. Alban’s. I think it’s a testimony to the atmosphere and consistency you have cultivated that every teacher has been a great teacher. They are creative, energetic, and they obviously care for the children and their development. Our kids’ confidence grew and they learned so many important life skills at St. Alban’s. I think the leadership that Karen provides is also hugely reassuring for parents. She is always so professional. The peace of mind that we have had over the past four years with our kids at St. Alban’s has been such a blessing. Thank you.” – Ciara Whelan (parent)

“Over the past year, we’ve watched our daughter Ava (who has Down syndrome) flourish at St. Alban’s. The administrator and teachers have gone the extra mile—time and time again—not just to accommodate her unique needs, but also to facilitate and champion her development in ways we didn’t think possible in such a short time. Instead of regarding Ava’s disability as an inconvenience or challenge, it’s abundantly clear that everyone at St. Alban’s instead sees it something that adds to the diversity of the centre. As a result, Ava absolutely loves going to daycare, and we rest easy knowing that she’s in wonderful hands.” – Chris Beard & Heather Osler-Beard (parents)

“All early year services should do what St. Alban’s does. Amazingly, our daughter gets dropped off there every day and beyond her daycare she has access to soccer, swimming and ballet. Walk down those hallways any Wednesday morning and you can’t help but be amazed by the incredible staff helping a dozen kids change into their tutus. There are times we think Karen must have cloned herself, because we do not know how she is able to be so involved with the kids, coordinate everyone’s programming – and then send so many useful emails to the parents, which go well beyond curriculum. […] Most of all, we are so grateful for the consistent dedication our daughter has received from each of her teachers over the last three years. They are first-rate. Beyond each teacher’s individual strength, St. Alban’s is a stronger school because of the flexible staff structure. All the staff seem to know our daughter by name – including instructors from other floors in other classes. […] We love this place and feel so fortunate to have our daughter enrolled there.” – Brad and Rachel Hindson (parents)

“St. Alban’s has been a part of our life for the last 7 years helping care for our 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son.  We could not have imagined our good fortune in getting to know Karen, Kimberley, Gowry, Susanna, Pat, Bankeni, Kristin, Judith, Paulette, Debbie, Fos, Basra and the subsequent nurturing relationships that were built.  Not only do they offer unparalleled, genuine love and attention, care and friendship, they have an amazing knack for remembering students’ names and age and school well after they’ve left the preschool.  St. Alban’s is a hub of activity and a positive influence in the community for various swim lessons, summer camps, local workshops and community events…an invaluable asset in our neighbourhood.” – Jennifer Mahoney & Alex Beauregard (parents)

“Let me try to express just how valuable St. Alban’s is to our family. It really feels like a second home for us. And second home that grows and changes along with us! Every interaction since day one, three years ago, has been positive. A safe and inclusive place for my child to learn and play. The level of attention and care from toddler to sr. preschool is reason enough for praise. The staff are just beyond amazing. They are all my favourite! But combine that with the creative and athletic extra curricular activities and facility that I even get to enjoy (yay pool! Yay early years satellite drop in!) it’s truly amazing. The reasonable fees make it possible for us to feel we belong here. We are truly thankful for that and for all that goes in to keeping the fees so reasonable. But more than that, you are at the heart of my community. And I’m proud to boast to any who will listen.“ – Katharine Tessier (parent)

“It’s an honour to send or daughter to preschool at St. Alban’s. Swimming and ballet are among many enriched activities offered at St. Alban’s that are second to none. Karen and the teachers are very caring, responsive to our child’s needs and committed to her growth and development. Combining excellent leadership and teaching skills, not to mention a top-notch senior preschool room, St. Alban’s daycare delivers excellent early childhood education, helping position our child for success.” – Kate (parent)

“St. Alban’s is a true community hub that allows us to improve our physical health in the pool and gym, our social health at birthday parties, and our financial health as you care for our little ones so we can work. We are there almost every day and appreciate how hard the staff work. Good job!” – Janelle Joseph (parent)

“St. Alban’s is a great place. From our experience, and talking to many other parents of young children, the St. Alban’s daycare is the best daycare in downtown Toronto. The staff are warm and caring, and make the effort to make everyone’s experience exceptional. Beyond the daycare, St. Alban’s plays a central role in our community, whether it is the swim or after-school programs, weekend activities like climbing, or other community events, families of Seaton Village and the Annex have come to rely on St. Alban’s as a true community centre – in every sense.” – Oliver Moorhouse (parent)

“I just wanted to say that we love St. Alban’s! The pre-school is amazing. Karen is the most organized, helpful and caring person we have ever met, always ready to take time to say hello and answer any questions.  She sets an awesome tone for the whole school.  And the teachers are amazing.  They are so very warm and caring with the kids, and so understanding of parents’ goodbye routines with their kids, or the pace that parents want to proceed at. […] We have even had some teachers with both of our kids even though our oldest is now 9, so that says a lot for what a great place it is to work, and the feel of community that it provides.” – John & Kate (parents)

“St. Alban’s is a cornerstone of this community. We are so lucky to have our girls spend their formative years in an environment with such caring staff and incredible programming. Well beyond preschool care, the St. Alban’s family breathes life into after school care, evening/weekend programming, birthday parties and other milestones. It is where friendships are formed. I am already looking years ahead to when the girls reach the age of volunteering and will encourage them to do so at St. Alban’s.” – Natasha Valentine (mother of children aged 7 and 3)

“My youngest son (aged 3) has been enrolled in daycare there since he was 1.5.  His daycare teachers ensured that his emotional well being was a top priority from day one. […] There is no doubt in my mind that the staff there loves the kids that they take care of and that means everything to me. I think that it’s a huge testament that the majority of the staff there have been there for MANY years. Karen has always been available, accommodating and generally incredibly flexible – which is very rare in a child care situation.  We feel like we have won the lottery. My eldest son (6) has been involved with summer camps, march break camps and the off-site after-school care. Because of the community at St. Alban’s, everyone has been wonderful in working with his anxiety and helping him to feel comfortable and ensuring that he has fun. Counselors from two years ago still remember him and call his name, and because St. Alban’s is a place that people continue to return to the same group of counselors return year after year. I cannot say enough about the programs at St. Alban’s – the fact that there is [recreational] swimming (at no additional cost), music and other great enriching experiences for our kids. We feel extraordinarily lucky to be a part of it.” – Jaelyn Galbraith (parent)