Welcome to the St. Alban’s Blog


staffOur staff team is committing to writing and posting articles that we hope will be of interest to parents, community members and people who use our services. We are a group of people who are incredibly dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, youth and families in the City of Toronto. We have a wealth of information and ideas to share and we realized that our newsletters and emails home are not always the best place to tackle the “bigger” topics, or to relay news that doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of “program updates.” The blog will be a central place for us to share some of the things that we have learned along the way about a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Bullying
  • Fun games, crafts and activities that you can do with your kids at home
  • Safety issues including water and swim safety
  • Transitioning kids from home into a childcare program
  • High school years, homework and applying for post-secondary education

We’ll do our best to address issues of all four of the communities that we run programs in:

  • St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club Founding Clubhouse – Bathurst/Dupont
  • Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Weston-Mount Dennis
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Lawrence Heights

If you have an idea for an article, or a topic you would like addressed, please feel free to email us. We’d love your feedback.

What is it like to volunteer at St. Alban’s?

GraemeBy Graeme Lovatt
Youth Services Coordinator

During my time at St. Alban’s I have been very fortunate to have lots of quality volunteers helping out in our programs, fundraising and mentoring. I was really excited when we first launched our Youth Volunteer Program (YVP), because I knew it could provide young people with practical experience in the workplace and it also gives youth the chance to see what it’s like at St. Alban’s from a different perspective – one of authority and responsibility. Continue reading

An Inside Look at the Staff Connections in the Pelham Park Community

Bimage6y Dominique Brown
Administration and Children’s Coordinator of Weston-Mount Dennis & Lawrence Heights

Here in the Pelham Park Community, the “staff and member relationship” is like a big brother/sister relationship. Over the years, myself (Dominique) and Jassimene have been building rapport with the members that attend our programs, and that’s what makes the connection we share deep and special. Continue reading

Money Management Tips for Youth

13240768_220007071724919_3062954058187975815_nBy Cindy Nguyen
Rogers Raising the Grade Program Coordinator

Remember when your only financial concern was making your allowance last? Well, those days certainly don’t last!

Knowing how to manage your money well is certainly not an easy task. As we become older and transition into our youth and adult years, we start to find ourselves swamped with constant financial responsibilities, which can feel extremely overwhelming and daunting.  However, if we educated ourselves with ways to manage our money better, juggling several financial responsibilities may not be as intimidating as you think. Continue reading

Connections: Kristen & Amaya

img_2528By Ikram Kabadeh
Children’s Program Coordinator

Building positive relationships is so important when working with children and youth, and St.Alban’s is just the place to create those relationships. Here is an example of  a caring and positive relationship between Kristen (ECE program staff) and Amaya (Senior Kindergarten student in Kristen’s group). Continue reading

Teenagers at Home: An Activity Guide

GraemeBy Graeme Lovatt
Youth Services Coordinator

If you have a teenager living in your home, you have probably experienced some form of resistance when it comes spending quality time with the entire family. Things that your child used to love doing are all of a sudden ‘lame,’ and good luck convincing a teenager otherwise. It’s not that you are getting old. It’s not that they hate you. It’s not that they are victims of an alien bodysnatching regime. It’s all because of one thing: Continue reading

When the Beat Drops Music Program


By An’Jrue Essien (Studio Technician) & Tamika Ford (Youth Program Coordinator)

When the beat drops is a music mentorship program created in order to assist young people from disadvantaged, and marginalized communities. It serves youth who want to enter into the music industry or further their formal musical knowledge. Our role at St. Alban’s Boys & Girls club is to help define and refine success in their own terms, from the raw talents of participants from the Jane and finch neighbourhood. 

Continue reading