Pool Information

Pool rules and information

  • The Admittance Policy must be adhered to at all times during Family Swims, Recreational Swims and Rentals.
  • The pool is kept at approximately 84-86◦F to suit all aquatic programs that we provide.
  • To prevent contamination and pool closures, do not use the pool if you or your child has had diarrhea in the previous 2 weeks.
  • To use our facility, you must adhere to all rules and regulations as posted in the pool area.
  • Hair must be thoroughly washed before entering the pool area. The use of a bathing cap is strongly recommended and can be purchase at St. Alban’s or Winona locations
  • No food, beverages, glass containers or strollers are permitted in the pool area.
  • Shoes and street clothes are permitted in bleacher area ONLY, not on the pool deck.
  • Running, rough play and profane language are prohibited.
  • The maximum number of bathers permitted on deck and in the bleacher area is 40.
  • All bathers must take a shower using soap and warm water before entering or re-entering the pool.
  • Requests from the Aquatic Staff must be adhered to and respected at all times.
  • In order to participate in our open swims you must have a valid membership.

Pool closures and diaper policy

  • Many of our pool closures in the past have been due to children throwing up or defecating in our pool. Please abide by the following policies to keep our pool water safe and to keep the pool open for use.
  • It is mandatory that all children in diapers, or not fully potty trained, wear swim diapers while in the pool, such as Gabby Swim Diapers or L’il Swimmers.
  • Disposable diapers, plastic diapers, regular diapers, and swimsuits with built-in diapers are not acceptable.
  • Do not change your child’s diaper on the pool deck or in the bleachers. Change areas are provided in the change rooms.
  • Do not rinse diaper-aged children in the pool before, during, or after diaper changes.
  • Assist young children in making frequent visits to the bathroom to minimize accidents.
  • Do not rinse hands in the pool following a trip to the bathroom or changing a child’s diaper. Wash hands correctly by using soap and warm water and thoroughly cleaning all hand surfaces.