Summer Camp

Summer camperSummer Camp 2018

St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club Summer Day Camp offers an exciting variety of activities and events. Children ages 4.5-12 will experience a safe, fun, well supervised learning environment filled with age-appropriate programming.

Children Require

Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, running shoes, sun hat, lots to drink (or water bottle), lunch (garbage-less if possible), snacks

Programming Time & Location

Main Clubhouse – 843 Palmerston Ave.

Extended Hours Program

Extended AM Program 8-9:00am (no charge)
Extended PM Program 5-6:00pm (5-5:30-no charge, 5:30-6:00-$5/day)


Limited subsidized spaces are available for families requiring assistance on a first come, first served basis. Proof of total family income required.

Age Minimum

Unless otherwise specified, children must be 4 years old as of December 31 2017 to register.  Children will be placed into groups based on age and enrollment.

Refund Policy

Cancellation must occur at least two weeks prior to the first day of camp. The refund is subject to a 15% administration fee. 50% of fees must be paid at time of registration.  Must register for full weeks (not a per day basis). 


Summer Camper

2017/18 St. Alban’s membership required  – free with camp registration.

Camp Descriptions

Summer Camper

Alban’s Camp
Mini Troopers, Explorers and Trailblazers
(Ages 4.5-9)        
Campers will participate in a well-balanced, all day program that includes arts & crafts, board games, swimming, cooperative games, outdoor play, sports, computers, cooking and field trips.

The 4.5-5  year age group will be staffed with one Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) and a camp staff.  Weekly trips will accommodate the needs of this age group. 

L.I.T.—Leaders In Training
(Ages 10-12)
The Leaders In Training program is designed to help tweens gain confidence, learn leadership skills as well as tips and tools on becoming a positive role model through traditional and non-traditional camp activities. 

Sports Camps (Ages 6-12)
Grand Slam Baseball Camp
Raptors 843 Camp

Football Camp
Junior Leafs Camp
Sports Mania Camp
Skateboarding Camp
Sports Camps are a great choice for active enthusiasts of all levels of ability. Children will develop important elements of sport such as team building, co-operation, sportsmanship and responsibility. Programs will focus on fair play, team work, and sport specific skills.

Aquatic Camp (Ages 6-12)
Aquatic Camp is a unique, specialized program where participants will learn how to stay safe in and around water, learn swimming and stroke techniques and enjoy water sports such as competitive swimming and water polo. An active and wet program! In-water programming will be complemented with activities in arts, computer lab, outdoor sports, and much more!

Circus Art Camp (Ages 6-9)
Circus arts explores a variety of disciplines and techniques including acrobatics, clowning, juggling, music, dance, physical theatre, and comedy. Circus art offers children a fun way to focus their minds as well as strengthen their bodies.

Girls on the Move (Ages 8-12)
This camp will build the self esteem and confidence of young women, provide them with the tools to make healthy lifestyle choices and create lifelong friendships and memories. Activities will include workshops on body image, nutrition, reality vs. media, female bullying, dance, jewellery making, cooking, song writing, and more!

Mad Science Camp (Ages 6-12)
Come put your goggles and lab coat on and discover the world of science learning about CD hovercrafts, balloon rockets and volcanoes through fun hands on experiments.

Art Attack Camp (Ages 6-12)
Fostering their own imagination, kids are encouraged to tap in to their creative side participating in a wide range of crafty projects. Campers will create DIY crafts, homemade gadgets and group construction projects using a wide range of tools including spray paint, clay, paper mache, and recycled materials.

Dance Camp (Ages 6-12)
Do you love to dance? Do you want to brush up on learning cool choreography? Bring your dancing shoes and sign up for dance camp!

Trendsetters Fashion Camp (Ages 6-12)
Campers will explore various aspects of fashion and use different techniques to create clothing and accessories. Activities will include learning how to use basic patterns, sewing, duct tape fashion, jewelry making, and adding embellishments to existing items. Campers will be encouraged to use their own creativity and style to create fun and original designs.

Junior Adventure CampSummer Camper
(Ages 8-12)
An exciting camp for kids who are enthusiastic to get active and seek adventure! Kids will participate in hikes, rock climbing, geocaching, scavenger hunts and exploration, learning about survival skills and discovering nature trails. 

Digi Camp (Ages 8-12)
A specialized camp for our tech savvy campers where they can test and develop their skills in digital photography, photo editing, t-shirt design, video making, game coding and more! 

Musical Theatre Camp (Ages 6-12)
Are you an aspiring actor/actress that loves the spotlight? Do you like to sing and dance? If any of these are true this camp is for you! Brush up on all of these skills, meet new friends, and PERFORM. You will be working toward a musical theatre showcase that will be open for friends and family to come and watch and see you SPARKLE.

Field Trips

Week 1- Scooters Roller Palace (to be confirmed)
Week 2- Wet ‘n’ Wild
Week 3-Bingemans
Week 4- Wild Water Works
Week 5- Cedar Park Resort
Week 6- Wet ‘n’ Wild
Week 7- Bissels Hideaway
Week 8- Wild Water Works
Week 9- Bingemans

SessionCamps Offered
1July 3-6Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) - FULLL.I.T. ($180) Grand Slam Baseball Camp ($190)Aquatic Camp ($400) - FULLCircus Art Camp ($400) - FULL
2July 9-13Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) - FULLL.I.T. ($180) Raptors 843 Camp ($190)
3July 16-20Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) - FULL! L.I.T. ($180) Football Camp ($190)Junior Adventure Camp ($200) Girls on the Move ($200)
4July 23-27Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) - 4-5 year old age group is FULL L.I.T. ($180) Junior Leafs Camp ($190)Mad Science Camp ($200)Dance Camp ($400)
5July 30-Aug 3Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) - FULLL.I.T. ($180) Skateboarding Camp ($190) - FULLAquatic Camp ($400) - FULL
6Aug 7-10Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180)L.I.T. ($180) Sports Mania ($190)Art Attack Camp ($200)
7Aug 13-17Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) - FULLL.I.T. ($180) Raptors 843 Camp ($190)Junior Adventure Camp - FULLTrendsetters Fashion Camp ($200) - FULL
8Aug 20-24Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) -FULLL.I.T. ($180) Football Camp ($190)Digi Camp ($400) - FULL!Musical Theatre Camp ($400) - FULL
9Aug 27-31Mini Troopers, Explorers & Trailblazers ($180) - FULLL.I.T. ($180) Junior Leafs Camp ($190) -FULL


Registration Form – Summer Camp – You can print this form and either scan and email it to or drop it off at the club. Call us to arrange payment.
Register Online.
Come in person and fill out the form and pay at the front desk.

Additional Information

Welcome to Camp – This information package answers many Frequently Asked Questions about the camp experience.

If your child has special needs or requires additional support of any kind, please fill in the Camper Consideration Form – you can either email it to us as an attachment or you can drop it off at the club. (NOTE: you can submit this form after registration)

There are a limited number of subsidy spots available for those who qualify, on a first come, first served basis.  To apply, please submit both the camp registration and the subsidy application form.